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Protector Redo screenshot
Protector Redo by TenPlus1

Lets players craft special blocks to protect their builds or disable PVP in areas.

WorldEdit screenshot
WorldEdit by sfan5

In-game world editor. Use it to repair griefing, or just create awesome buildings in seconds.

i3  screenshot
i3 by mt-mods

A next-generation inventory

Draconis screenshot
Draconis by ElCeejo

Adds terrifying Dragons and powerful equipment.

Signs Redux screenshot
Signs Redux by sorcerykid

Signs Redux is a complete rewrite of default signs that adds many new features

Basic signs screenshot
Basic signs by mt-mods

A small selection of metal wall signs, and a few kinds of wooden signs.

Markdown Poster screenshot
Markdown Poster by Thresher

Adds a markdown variant to the signs mod (from display modpack)

UFO Ship screenshot
UFO Ship by wsor4035

adds a ufo for flying around in

PaleoTest screenshot
PaleoTest by ElCeejo

Adds Prehistoric Fauna and Flora to Minetest Game

Biofuel screenshot
Biofuel by Lokrates

Produce biofuel from unused plants.

Minertrade screenshot
Minertrade by Lunovox

It adds various types of money, exchange table, Dispensing Machines, ATMs in stores.

Tool Enhancement screenshot
Tool Enhancement by archfan7411

Allows players to enhance their tools through mese infusion

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Abriflame screenshot
Abriflame by mt-mods

Adds coloured fire through use of fire starter tool.

Abriglass screenshot
Abriglass by mt-mods

Adds coloured glass, patterned stained glass, glass lights and one way windows.

action queues screenshot
action queues by fluxionary

provides an API for queuing things for batch processing w/ various ways to specify the batch "size".

afk_api screenshot
afk_api by fluxionary

an API for registering events which trigger when a player goes AFK or comes back from AFK.

AirUtils screenshot
AirUtils by APercy

A lib for airplanes and some useful tools

Ambience screenshot
Ambience by TenPlus1

Adds realistic sound effects into your world.

Anvil screenshot
Anvil by FaceDeer

Hammer and anvil for repairing tools

Areas screenshot
Areas by ShadowNinja

Areas is a advanced area protection mod based on node_ownership.

Astral screenshot
Astral by DragonWrangler

this is a fork of astral

Baked Clay screenshot
Baked Clay by TenPlus1

Adds the ability to bake clay into blocks and colour them with dye.

Basic Materials and items screenshot
Basic Materials and items by mt-mods

Provides a small selection of "basic" materials and items that other mods should use when possible -- things like steel bars and chains, wire, plastic strips and sheets, and more.

Beacons screenshot
Beacons by SpaghettiToastBook

Adds craftable beacons in several different colors.

Beds Redux screenshot
Beds Redux by sorcerykid

A complete rewrite of the Beds mod with many additional features

Bees screenshot
Bees by TenPlus1

This mod adds bees and beehives into minetest

Bell screenshot
Bell by Sokomine

A bell that sounds each hour - like a historic bell in a church or town hall

Biome Lib screenshot
Biome Lib by mt-mods

The biome spawning and management library.

Bonemeal screenshot
Bonemeal by TenPlus1

Adds bone and bonemeal giving the ability to quickly grow plants and saplings.

bones (redo) screenshot
bones (redo) by fluxionary

the bones mod from minetest_game, but with updates to make them much more reliable

Personal Bookmarks screenshot
Personal Bookmarks by AntumDeluge

Allows players to create a limited number of personal bookmarks to where they can teleport.

Cannon73 screenshot
Cannon73 by Johannes Fritz

Shootable and aimable cannons

Boost Cart screenshot
Boost Cart by Krock

This mod offers improved minecarts and a few more rail types.

Castle Farming screenshot
Castle Farming by FaceDeer

Contains farming products useful for decorating a castle

Castle Gates screenshot
Castle Gates by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castle gates and dungeons

Castle Masonry screenshot
Castle Masonry by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castles and castle dungeons.

Castle Tapestries screenshot
Castle Tapestries by FaceDeer

This is a mod for creating medieval tapestries, as found in castles

Caverealms screenshot
Caverealms by HeroOfTheWinds

A mod for Minetest to add underground realms.

Cblocks screenshot
Cblocks by TenPlus1

Adds coloured wood, glass and stone blocks.

Cheese screenshot
Cheese by Annalysa

Boil milk and then let the curd age to get cheese!

Chest Tools screenshot
Chest Tools by Sokomine

Shared locked chests with bag support and quick inventory access

choppy screenshot
choppy by fluxionary

yet another tree-cutting mod

Cottages screenshot
Cottages by Sokomine

Build medieval cottages with furniture, window shutters and roofs, thresh your wheat, repair your tools.

craftsystem screenshot
craftsystem by fluxionary

craft registration API which automatically deals w/ replacements

Cups screenshot
Cups by Wuzzy

Decorative cups.

debuggery screenshot
debuggery by fluxionary

debugging tools for server admins

Default Grid screenshot
Default Grid by kestral

Add grid overlay to MT Game 5.0 default textures.

digicolor screenshot
digicolor by fluxionary

node whose color can be set via digilines

Digilines screenshot
Digilines by Jeija

This mod adds digiline wires, an RTC (Real Time Clock), a light sensor as well as an LCD Screen.

Display Modpack screenshot
Display Modpack by mt-mods

Provides mods with dynamic display and font display: clocks, signs, and more.

Minetest Game Plus screenshot
Minetest Game Plus by Wuzzy

Adds various simple decorative blocks, doors, panes and other items, focusing on snow, ice, luxury, bamboo and more.

Doors Redo screenshot
Doors Redo by TenPlus1

Doors mod with lock tool to open, lock or protect any registered door.

Unified Dyes screenshot
Unified Dyes by mt-mods

Unified Dyes expands the standard dye set from 15 to up to 256 colors (depending on the object to be colored)

Emote screenshot
Emote by sofar

Provides player emotes and an api to make the player model sit, lie down and perform other actions.

Envelopes screenshot
Envelopes by archfan7411

Write and address an envelope to another player!

Ethereal NG screenshot
Ethereal NG by TenPlus1

Adds many new biomes, items and mechanics into the world.

Timber Frame screenshot
Timber Frame by jbb

This mod adds timber-framed clay, bricks, cobble, stone and stone bricks to the game.

Fire Master screenshot
Fire Master by Flay Krunegan

Fire Master is a powerful weapon that can shoot fire

Flowerpot screenshot
Flowerpot by sofar

A stylish flowerpot that can contain most plants.

Technic screenshot
Technic by RealBadAngel

Extensive machinery mod with electricity and ores.

Remove Unknowns screenshot
Remove Unknowns by Clyde

A small tool to help you clean up your world of unknown-blocks.

YL Matterbridge screenshot
YL Matterbridge by AliasAlreadyTaken

Handles chat between Minetest and Matterbridge

bug command screenshot
bug command by fluxionary

adds a command that submits a bug report to a github repo.

Better Commands screenshot
Better Commands by ThePython10110

Adds commands and syntax from a certain other voxel game

book_runner screenshot
book_runner by fluxionary

run a command and put the output in a book

Proposals screenshot
Proposals by Impulse

Adds proposing and voting on server changes

Essentials screenshot
Essentials by SkyBuilder1717

Adds a lot of helpful commands for your server

Web chat screenshot
Web chat by seckl

Makes the in-game chat accessible through a web browser.

Server News screenshot
Server News by Thresher

Shows players the server news when they log in

Notices screenshot
Notices by LandarVargan

Adds chatcommands server staff can use for announcements

verbana screenshot
verbana by fluxionary

verification and banning

LocalChat screenshot
LocalChat by qPexLegendary

Adds local and global chat

Chat History screenshot
Chat History by sorcerykid

Interactive chat history viewer with a variety of message filtering options

Shortcut screenshot
Shortcut by Derevio

Adds the ability to set shortcuts to commands.

Copy From Chest screenshot
Copy From Chest by zeronumbers

Adds server command copy-from-chest that copies items from chest at x y z to player.

XNether screenshot
XNether by Ghaydn

Adds trees, grass and ores to PilzAdam's Nether