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Technic screenshot
Technic by RealBadAngel

Extensive machinery mod with electricity and ores.

Technic Plus screenshot
Technic Plus by mt-mods

Technic fork with focus on features and stability

i3  screenshot
i3 by jp

A next-generation inventory

Minor Redefinitions screenshot
Minor Redefinitions by Linuxdirk

Changes smaller things that are issues for either Minetest or Minetest Game that are technically fixable but won’t be fixed due to several non-technical reasons.

Cinematic Zoom screenshot
Cinematic Zoom by Fennelfox

Replaces the built-in zooming feature with a cool, nicer-looking animation.

Appliances API screenshot
Appliances API by SFENCE

API for create appliances in other mods powered by technic, mesecons or hand.

Composting screenshot
Composting by SFENCE

Compost and composter machines. Mix dirt with compost to get garden soil. Plants from farming/farming redo/hades_extrafarming grows faster on garden soil. Hades Revisited is supported.

Skygrid screenshot
Skygrid by ROllerozxa

Custom skygrid mapgen.

Spawners screenshot
Spawners by SaKeL

Adds spawners for mobs, dungeons, temples and ores.

IndustrialTest screenshot
IndustrialTest by mrkubax10

Features electricity and various useful machines. Inspired by Technic and IC2.

Dashing screenshot
Dashing by LMD

Quick energy burst alternative to sprinting

Sprint Lite screenshot
Sprint Lite by mt-mods

Configurable sprinting mod that supports player_monoids, hbhunger and hudbars.

Item Drop screenshot
Item Drop by tacotexmex

This mod adds Minecraft like drop/pick up of items to Minetest.

Falling Stairs screenshot
Falling Stairs by lazerbeak12345

Adds falling stairs and slabs for gravel, sand and others.

PanqKart screenshot
PanqKart by Panquesito7

A 12 multiplayer racing game with multiple/upgradable cars, coin system, and more. Very WIP.

Technic Elepower Compatibility screenshot
Technic Elepower Compatibility by DumbDave961

Elepower recipes for Technic machines. Technic recipes for Elepower machines. A new converter connects Technic cables to Elepower conduits when enabled.

Last Login Signs screenshot
Last Login Signs by fgaz

Adds signs that show the last login of players that right-clicked them

Display Modpack screenshot
Display Modpack by mt-mods

Display modpack for Minetest, provides mods with dynamic display and font display: clocks, signs, and more. (Maintained fork)

Jumpdrive screenshot
Jumpdrive by mt-mods

Take your buildings with you on your journey.

Epic screenshot
Epic by BuckarooBanzai

Enhanced Programmer for Ingame Control

Jonez screenshot
Jonez by runs

You can create ancient archaeological structures.

Comboblock screenshot
Comboblock by sirrobzeroone

Allows the stacking of slabs vertically and horizontally