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Aotearoa screenshot
Aotearoa by Eris

Fork of aotearoa by Dokimi. Complements the default map biomes with Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud, New Zealand.

Sun Flowers screenshot
Sun Flowers by Hybrid Dog

This mod generates flowers which close their heads at night.

NC Vulcan screenshot
NC Vulcan by Winter94

Reworks Magma Generation in NodeCore.

Time Travel screenshot
Time Travel by Red_King_Cyclops

Adds in a craftable time machine that can be used to time travel to different time periods of Earth's history.

Mud screenshot
Mud by Blocky Player

Adds stylish mud blocks and even blocks you can walk through. Setup traps, secret rooms and much more!

Basic Houses screenshot
Basic Houses by Sokomine

Simple random houses spawning in small groups on the map

Too many ores screenshot
Too many ores by TeufloV

This adds 53 new ores. But most of them are useless.

Draconis screenshot
Draconis by ElCeejo

Adds terrifying Dragons and powerful equipment.

Ethereal NG screenshot
Ethereal NG by TenPlus1

Adds many new biomes, items and mechanics into the world.

Everness  screenshot
Everness by SaKeL

Adds many new biomes, items and blocks.

Nether screenshot
Nether by PilzAdam

Adds a deep underground realm with different mapgen that you can reach with obsidian portals.

Villages screenshot
Villages by Sokomine

Explore the world and find villages of diffrent types. Buy a house in a village and settle down.

Plantlife screenshot
Plantlife by mt-mods

Adds various kinds of plants, fruit bushes, fallen trees, and a whole host of foliage and other ground cover.

Extra Biomes screenshot
Extra Biomes by CowboyLv

Adds extra biomes, while keeping its looks close to the vanilla MTG

Dwarf Fortress style caverns screenshot
Dwarf Fortress style caverns by FaceDeer

Adds vast underground caverns in the style of Dwarf Fortress, complete with underground flora in diverse biomes.

More Trees! screenshot
More Trees! by mt-mods

Adds a whole bunch of new types of trees, some bearing fruit or similar

Baked Clay screenshot
Baked Clay by TenPlus1

Adds the ability to bake clay into blocks and colour them with dye.

Too Many Stones screenshot
Too Many Stones by JoeEnderman

88 stones that will spawn in most games. Supports English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Pусский, Português, 日本語

Randungeon screenshot
Randungeon by Phii

adds highly randomized vivid dungeons to the world, and tools to spawn/customize them.

Nether screenshot
Nether by Hybrid Dog

The underworld for Minetest.

Amethyst screenshot
Amethyst by alerikaisattera

Amethyst, basalt, calcite and related building blocks

Ocean screenshot
Ocean by StarNinjas

Adds coral reefs, fish, decorative ocean blocks and much more!

Algae screenshot
Algae by Just_Visiting

Algae mapgen addition to "Minetest Game"

Other Worlds screenshot
Other Worlds by TenPlus1

Adds asteroid layers and height-based skybox switches to create space environments.

Shipwrecks screenshot
Shipwrecks by mt-mods

A simple mod that adds various shipwrecks with treasures into the ocean

Swamp Biome screenshot
Swamp Biome by Atlante

This mod adds a new swamp biome, with mangrove trees, mud and more!

Stone Chests screenshot
Stone Chests by AwesomeDragon97

Replaces the wooden chests found in dungeons with stone chests.

Technic Plus Beta screenshot
Technic Plus Beta by mt-mods

The technic modpack extends the Minetest game with many new elements, mainly constructable machines and tools.

Caverealms screenshot
Caverealms by HeroOfTheWinds

A mod for Minetest to add underground realms.

Geodes screenshot
Geodes by AwesomeDragon97

Adds amethyst geodes and an API for making custom geodes.

NextGen Bedrock screenshot
NextGen Bedrock by StarNinjas

Adds an indestructible bedrock layer at the bottom of the world.

Fireflies screenshot
Fireflies by Shara

Adds fireflies which can be caught in a net and placed in bottles for lighting.

Alien Material screenshot
Alien Material by debiankaios

Adds new blocks, items, and tools from aliens. A new time begins.

Nssb screenshot
Nssb by TenPlus1

BIOME integration for nssm, the not so simple buildings.

The Lower Road screenshot
The Lower Road by Deadlock

Adds a long road from -Z to +Z to the world, during world-generation.

Australia screenshot
Australia by demon_boy

Adds a wide variety of Australia-themed biomes and content

Swamplified screenshot
Swamplified by Neuromancer

This mod adds a few more nice touches to Atlante's Swamp biome mod

Ancient Fertilizer screenshot
Ancient Fertilizer by Daniel

Adds ancient fertilizer, sourced from ancient stone in the underground, useful for farming flowers if you need dye for colored nodes, complements bonemeal.

Ore Deposits screenshot
Ore Deposits by Tarruvi

Adds ore deposits that can randomly spawn on stone

The Road (NC) screenshot
The Road (NC) by Winter94

This is a port of thelowerroad for NodeCore that adds a long road from -Z to +Z to the world, during world-generation.

pilzmod screenshot
pilzmod by Phii

a spreading mushroom biome which you can spawn into the world, with its own monsters and a boss you need to slay to stop the biome's growth. Best played with bow & armor mod and after reading manual.

Large Slugs screenshot
Large Slugs by jwmhjwmh

Adds node-based slug mobs to your world

Grave screenshot
Grave by ElCeejo

Adds an eerie biome with multiple mobs.

Sailing screenshot
Sailing by cakenggt

Live in a tropical paradise where you can sail, mine coconuts, etc.

Pedology screenshot
Pedology by Wuzzy

Adds some different ground blocks in several wetness levels; the wetness slowly flows downward.

Quartz screenshot
Quartz by Evergreen

Adds quartz ore and some decorative quartz blocks

LootChests Modpack screenshot
LootChests Modpack by mt-mods

Modpack adding a lot of various loot containers across the world to be found and providing an API, resources and integrations for other mods

Badlands screenshot
Badlands by AwesomeDragon97

Adds the badlands biome, which contains plentiful clay and gold.

Deepslate screenshot
Deepslate by Silver Sandstone

Adds deepslate and related building materials.

Nether addons screenshot
Nether addons by DragonWrangler

adds more nodes and decorations to the nether

Shallow Ores screenshot
Shallow Ores by Monniasza

Places ores shallower in your world! No more time wasted digging!

Magma screenshot
Magma by SuperStarSonic

Adds volcanoes, lava vents and new magma blocks

Herbs screenshot
Herbs by Clyde

Adds 15 flowers and 6 mushrooms.

Winuser Leafdecay screenshot
Winuser Leafdecay by Liil

With this additiona leaf decay, all trees in naturalbiomes, livingdesert, livingjungle and livingfloatlands have a working leafdecay function.

Bamboo screenshot
Bamboo by AwesomeDragon97

Adds bamboo which generates in jungles and can be used as a crafting ingredient.

Quartz Geodes screenshot
Quartz Geodes by AwesomeDragon97

Extends the Geodes mod with quartz geodes.

Luamap screenshot
Luamap by MisterE

An easy-to-use api for lua mapgens that takes the pain out of mapgen coding. Focus on mapgen logic, not on voxelmanipulation.

Alien Tools screenshot
Alien Tools by chaosomnium

Alien Tools Mod for Minetest - adds Alien Tool, Shield, biome, etc

NodeCore CatRealm screenshot
NodeCore CatRealm by Warr1024

Adds a cat-themed dimension with unique ores and over-powered tools

WC Strata screenshot
WC Strata by Winter94

Exploring the NodeCore underground has never been more colorful.

Unter Null screenshot
Unter Null by Casimir

You start swimming in the middle of an infinite ocean. Take your time and build.

Hades Endgame screenshot
Hades Endgame by VeproGames

Adds various goodies to Hades Revisited, focused on Late/Endgame

New Biomes screenshot
New Biomes by Arkatron

If you like underground biomes, this thing is for you.

Nodecore Rabbits screenshot
Nodecore Rabbits by LandarVargan

Adds rabbit holes, rabbits, and traps to the Nodecore game

Loose Rocks screenshot
Loose Rocks by eduardomezencio

Adds loose rocks which generate randomly on the surface.

Zinc screenshot
Zinc by alerikaisattera

Zinc metal, used for making brass

treasures screenshot
treasures by ademant

Treasure nodes with useful items

Obdy screenshot
Obdy by Sires

Adds some pretty OP tools :)

Tac Nayn screenshot
Tac Nayn by GreenXenith

Adds Nyan Cat's evil twin, Tac Nayn (and a gray-scale rainbow).

Euthamia screenshot
Euthamia by Avicennia_g

Grassy Goldenrod plant for Nodecore

Lua2Mts screenshot
Lua2Mts by Neuromancer

Allows converting .lua schematics files to .mts files.

PaleoTest screenshot
PaleoTest by ElCeejo

Adds Prehistoric Fauna and Flora to Minetest Game

music modpack screenshot
music modpack by mt-mods

Music modpack with API for easy in-game music playback and custom track registration.

Wisps screenshot
Wisps by ElCeejo

Adds non-entity mobs called Wisps

Auroras screenshot
Auroras by random_geek

Adds auroras (northern/southern lights) at night in cold places.

Scary Ambience screenshot
Scary Ambience by StarNinjas

Adds scary sounds, and music to nighttime and caves.

Snowdrift screenshot
Snowdrift by paramat

Light-weight weather mod with snow, rain, and clouds.

Visible Sneak screenshot
Visible Sneak by niwla23

A mod to make sneaking visible. The player gets smaller on sneak and the viewpoint is lower.

Simple Xray screenshot
Simple Xray by MikeRedwood

Makes stone and desert stone see through, also works with nether mod

Oxidizing Copper screenshot
Oxidizing Copper by StarNinjas

This mod aims to make copper/bronze more realistic by making them slowly oxidize into a bluish/green block when exposed to water.

Perma Time screenshot
Perma Time by _Xenon

Allows players to have permanent day/night without changing the game time.

Minor Redefinitions screenshot
Minor Redefinitions by Linuxdirk

Changes smaller things that are issues for either Minetest or Minetest Game that are technically fixable but won’t be fixed due to several non-technical reasons.

Sounds screenshot
Sounds by AntumDeluge

A set of free sounds & API.

Lava Ore Gen screenshot
Lava Ore Gen by Coder12

Makes the lava turn stone into ore over time.

SzUtilPack screenshot
SzUtilPack by Warr1024

A collection of misc dependency-free utilities primarily for server hosts

Luscious screenshot
Luscious by sofar

Bring color into the mgv7 mapgen world.

After Earth screenshot
After Earth by AiTechEye

The earth's ecosystem has collapsed, and there are no biologically environment left.

tides & floods screenshot
tides & floods by Lemente

[WIP] [Warning: read full description] Adds the /sealevel command to rise/lower the sealevel.

Epic screenshot
Epic by BuckarooBanzai

Enhanced Programmer for Ingame Control

Tides screenshot
Tides by markthesmeagol

Adds tides, WARNING: will delete water sources above sea level

Illumination screenshot
Illumination by mt-mods

Makes players emit light while holding any luminescent item.

Bucket lite screenshot
Bucket lite by daret

Bucket - fork of Minetest Game mod with reduced "bucket" liquid flowing

Lightning screenshot
Lightning by sofar

A mod that adds thunder and lightning effects.

Dynamic Liquid screenshot
Dynamic Liquid by FaceDeer

Flowing dynamic liquids and ocean-maintenance springs.

Waterfalls screenshot
Waterfalls by Termos

Adds water erosion, so flowing water forms somewhat more realistic looking waterfalls.

Tree Particles screenshot
Tree Particles by SuperStarSonic

Adds particles of falling leaves when you punch a tree

Moon Phases screenshot
Moon Phases by TestificateMods

Changes the moon to follow a cycle between eight different phases.

Falls screenshot
Falls by Just_Visiting

A Particle-based Waterfalls/Lavafalls Mod

Orbs Of Time screenshot
Orbs Of Time by FaceDeer

A mod containing magical orbs a player can use a limited number of times to change the time of day

Radiant Damage screenshot
Radiant Damage by FaceDeer

A mod that allows nodes to damage players at a distance

Astral screenshot
Astral by cronvel

Add regular moon phases, as well as 9 special natural and surnatural Astral events to discover!

Footprints screenshot
Footprints by FaceDeer

Players walking over various types of terrain will leave footprints, and optionally pack the soil down into trails

Solar Phases screenshot
Solar Phases by VeproGames

Simulate variable daytime lengths, including polar day / night

Renewable Fireflies screenshot
Renewable Fireflies by mecha_moonboy

Registers an ABM on some ground blocks that spawn fireflies if certain criteria are met.

Nightandday screenshot
Nightandday by sofar

Allows you to have different day and night speeds.

Time Stone screenshot
Time Stone by j45

This mod adds 2 single use stones, a day stone and a night stone, the day stone turns time to sunrise and the night stone turns time to sunset.

Sedimentology screenshot
Sedimentology by sofar

A mod that adds realistic erosion and degradation of rocks.

Rotting Wood screenshot
Rotting Wood by Polynium

Causes wood to slowly rot while exposed to water

Leafstride screenshot
Leafstride by EmptyStar

Allows players to climb and walk through leaves

Touch screenshot
Touch by Skamiz Kazzarch

Orient yourself in the darkness by touch.

Mines screenshot
Mines by ApolloX

Regenerating terrain

Vote Day screenshot
Vote Day by niwla23

This adds a command to vote for making day!

Under Sky screenshot
Under Sky by Shara

Skybox switch for really dark Minetest caves

M.Y.K.O.T.A screenshot
M.Y.K.O.T.A by Xevin

Adds M.Y.K.O.T.A self-propagating mushroom liveform

Mapgen with Rivers screenshot
Mapgen with Rivers by Gaël de Sailly

Map generator focused on realistic rivers and landscapes, using physical equations.

Islands screenshot
Islands by Termos

lua mapgen featuring tropical islands and vast ocean

Superflat screenshot
Superflat by srifqi

(Yet Another) Superflat Map Generator: Customize world generation layer by layer

Karst Caverns screenshot
Karst Caverns by MisterE

A cavern generator that creates complex karst cavern systems, with rooms interconnected by multilevel tunnels. Experience the joy of caving.

Mandeland screenshot
Mandeland by MisterE

Mandeland- a landscape carved by the mandelbrot fractal

Citygen screenshot
Citygen by BuckarooBanzai

city mapgenerator

Subterrane screenshot
Subterrane by FaceDeer

A mod that creates vast underground caverns and allows biomes to be defined for them

X-Decor-libre screenshot
X-Decor-libre by Wuzzy

A decoration mod meant to be simple and well-featured (libre version).

X Farming screenshot
X Farming by SaKeL

Farming with new plants, crops, trees, ice fishing, bees, candles, scarecrow, crates, composter, bonemeal, ropes, pies...

Leads screenshot
Leads by Silver Sandstone

Adds leads for moving and tethering animals.

Multidecor screenshot
Multidecor by Andrey01

Adds various detailed furniture components, decorations and exterior stuff with various designs and styles of each epoch.

CrewMates screenshot
CrewMates by aSliceOfCake

these are some silly CrewMates plushies

GGraffiti screenshot
GGraffiti by grorp

Paint anything! Graffiti for Minetest.

Church Modpack screenshot
Church Modpack by SFENCE

Church Modpack adds many decorative nodes to the game.

Comboblock screenshot
Comboblock by sirrobzeroone

Allows the stacking of slabs vertically and horizontally

Cblocks screenshot
Cblocks by TenPlus1

Adds coloured wood, glass and stone blocks.

Stair Carpets screenshot
Stair Carpets by AwesomeDragon97

Allows you to place carpets on stairs and slabs.

Skeletons screenshot
Skeletons by SFENCE

Add player and some animals skeleton to your game.

Itemshelf screenshot
Itemshelf by zorman2000

Generic item shelf with 3D items on display

Fumo Plushies screenshot
Fumo Plushies by aSliceOfCake

silly fumo plushies to decorate your world with

My Walls screenshot
My Walls by Don

Adds more wall types for walls mod.

Corroded Metal screenshot
Corroded Metal by M BLOC

Metal can rust when next to water. Restore it with acid from underground.

Rocks screenshot
Rocks by Just_Visiting

Adds fun rocks to bring new life to your survival and creative creations!

Floppies screenshot
Floppies by ROllerozxa

Throwable floppies... That's what they're used for right?

The Build Spawner screenshot
The Build Spawner by Thunder1035

Gives build spawner for spawning builds which makes city creation easy

TP Stairway screenshot
TP Stairway by joe7575

Simple stairways and bridges for your buildings and machines

Paintings Gallery screenshot
Paintings Gallery by JoeEnderman

Adds a large selection of curated AI paintings using Paintings Library.

mcl_glass_doors screenshot
mcl_glass_doors by Tony996

Adds coloured Glass Doors to Minetest subgame (MineClone2).

Why? screenshot
Why? by ThePython10110

Adds random things to MTG and MCL.

More Stones screenshot
More Stones by Blocky Player

Provides a variety of educational and decorative minerals and rocks.

Etherium Stuff screenshot
Etherium Stuff by alerikaisattera

Decorative stuff using ethereal's etherium dust

Modern Ish screenshot
Modern Ish by thomasthespacefox

A collection of modern-ish odds and ends.

Sculpture screenshot
Sculpture by SFENCE

Make player possible to make his own sculture and paint on it with painting oil colors. Hades Revisited is supported.

Blox screenshot
Blox by mt-mods

Adds lots of differently colored and textured blocks to Minetest.

Chains screenshot
Chains by X17

Adds chains to climb or decorate

Ephesus screenshot
Ephesus by Horka

Add Decoratives blocks and columns of Ephesus

Titanic Mod screenshot
Titanic Mod by auto.umdenken

adds several nodes in the style of the RMS TITANIC

Smoke Signals screenshot
Smoke Signals by Just_Visiting

Signal your friends, or warn your enemies!

Mylandscaping screenshot
Mylandscaping by Nathan.S

Lets you put up decorative walls around your gardens, and make pretty hardscapes.

Chess screenshot
Chess by LissoBone

Chess. No rules as of now, only pieces and a board.

Staffs screenshot
Staffs by CalebJ

Staffs with various uses

Studs screenshot
Studs by erlehmann

Adds studs on top of many nodes that are not ground content. This makes the decorated nodes look like interlocking bricks, similar to LEGO.

Presents screenshot
Presents by Juri

Adds some blocks that look like presents.

Luxury Decor screenshot
Luxury Decor by Andrey01

This mod has a goal to add large amount of luxurious various furniture elements, decorations and exterior stuff.

Clothing  2 screenshot
Clothing 2 by SFENCE

Add clothes to game, based on clothing from stu. For available machines and clothes, use this with appliances mod. Skinsdb makes clothing visible.

Scifi Nodes screenshot
Scifi Nodes by D00Med

Adds some nodes for building futuristic/sci-fi themed constructions

Display Modpack screenshot
Display Modpack by mt-mods

Provides mods with dynamic display and font display: clocks, signs, and more.

Factory bridges screenshot
Factory bridges by mt-mods

This mod adds a steel bridges, railings and stairs in Minetest.

Basic signs screenshot
Basic signs by mt-mods

A small selection of metal wall signs, and a few kinds of wooden signs.

Abriglass screenshot
Abriglass by mt-mods

Adds coloured glass, patterned stained glass, glass lights and one way windows.

Castle Farming screenshot
Castle Farming by FaceDeer

Contains farming products useful for decorating a castle

Advtrains Platforms screenshot
Advtrains Platforms by W3RQ01

Provides additional platforms for advtrains, large mod support. Originally written by Och_Noe, small contributions by Blockhead and W3RQ01 is taking it a step further by adding more stuff.

Mcl Mushrooms 3D screenshot
Mcl Mushrooms 3D by erlehmann

Renders small mushrooms as 3D objects in MineClone2/MineClone5/Mineclonia

Decorations Sea screenshot
Decorations Sea by mt-mods

Adds many new types of seaweed, kelp, corals and other sea decorations, distributed across biomes

Greek screenshot
Greek by GreenXenith

A large assortment of Greek architecture blocks and materials.

Log Spikes screenshot
Log Spikes by Silver Sandstone

Adds spikes made of various types of tree.

mcl_light_blocks screenshot
mcl_light_blocks by Tony996-source

Adds coloured light blocks to Minetest subgame (MineClone2).

Ghost Block screenshot
Ghost Block by Blocky Player

Adds blocks that you can walk through. Build traps, hidden rooms and more!

Candles 3D screenshot
Candles 3D by mazes

Place candles in world. Add, remove or taint candles from placed nodes

Basic Streets screenshot
Basic Streets by BuckarooBanzai

Simple tar-based street nodes with markings for straight,corner,crossing and t-junction

Prefab screenshot
Prefab by mt-mods

Adds pre-fabricated concrete elements.

Framed glass screenshot
Framed glass by RealBadAngel

Framed glass adds glass nodes with a frame that connects automatically to neighbouring nodes

Abripanes screenshot
Abripanes by mt-mods

Adds faintly glowing coloured glass panes which can be used for stained glass windows or for gentle lighting.

Christmas screenshot
Christmas by Extex

Adds festive christmas items and nodes

Flag Chooser screenshot
Flag Chooser by Jo5629_

Change to a specific flag in pride_flags with this tool.

Abriflame screenshot
Abriflame by mt-mods

Adds coloured fire through use of fire starter tool.

Cube Nodes screenshot
Cube Nodes by Andrey01

Adds colorful blocks with various symbols as letters, digits, punctuation, emoji and special signs.

digicolor screenshot
digicolor by fluxionary

node whose color can be set via digilines

MTC Chisel screenshot
MTC Chisel by Can202

Add Chisel and new decorative blocks.

Plaster screenshot
Plaster by Extex

Adds a variety of Plaster blocks for building.

Tables screenshot
Tables by AwesomeDragon97

A simple mod that adds decorative wooden tables.

Palisade screenshot
Palisade by SFENCE

Add craftable palisades in many styles. Hades Revisited is supported.

Realm Lamp screenshot
Realm Lamp by GenesisMT

A rainbow gradient block for decoration and with differents speeds.

Cracked Castle screenshot
Cracked Castle by pampogokiraly

Nodes to help you making an old broken castle!

XBlocks screenshot
XBlocks by GamingAssociation39

Additional blocks for decoration/building

Nyan Cat Redo screenshot
Nyan Cat Redo by Blocky Player

nyan lazer, nyan soda and sugar. What's not to love?

Titanic Mod2 screenshot
Titanic Mod2 by auto.umdenken

Addition to "Titanic Mod", adds several nodes in the style of the RMS TITANIC

Oil lamps screenshot
Oil lamps by ademant

Create oillamps with oil from leaves (basic_materials) or create oil with seeds.

Brick Walls screenshot
Brick Walls by philipmi

Adds brick walls from different types of bricks.

Roadway screenshot
Roadway by X17

Adds simple roads in 4 sizes.

Map Cursor screenshot
Map Cursor by Blocky Player

Adds blocks like arrows, pointers and signals. For mapmakers who need to point players somewhere.

super blocks screenshot
super blocks by Giga_M

Adds invisible and unbreakable blocks - not in inventory, use /giveme

Prefab Redo screenshot
Prefab Redo by cheapie

Cheapie's version of Dan's old prefab mod, which adds pre-fabricated concrete elements: catwalks, benches, ladders, railings...

Ocular Networks screenshot
Ocular Networks by mt-mods

Draw power from the world, and use it to power machines and tools.

Nodecore Stucco screenshot
Nodecore Stucco by Avicennia_g

Adds a few decorative building nodes to Nodecore through simple and crude masonry.

nodeu screenshot
nodeu by ulla

metal blocks stair railing coloured

DragonEggLock screenshot
DragonEggLock by

You can lock a Dragon Egg so it doesnt teleport away

MT POI Map screenshot
MT POI Map by beaver700nh

Displays a map with points of interest, for any game (no dependencies).

Falling Stairs screenshot
Falling Stairs by lazerbeak12345

Adds falling stairs and slabs for gravel, sand and others.

Math blocks screenshot
Math blocks by Giulio

Adds decorative math blocks to help in teaching

Definition Ripper screenshot
Definition Ripper by Warr1024

Generate inert facades from node/item definitions for use in other games

Rivets screenshot
Rivets by Silver Sandstone

Adds rivets for decoration or locking blocks.

3D Furniture by tony-ka screenshot
3D Furniture by tony-ka by CalebJ

A lightweight mod which adds various home and bathroom furniture nodes, and some castle/medieval-themed nodes.

Halloween screenshot
Halloween by GreenXenith

Adds Halloween candy and costumes.

Christmas Tree screenshot
Christmas Tree by ExeterDad

Adds a decorated indoor Christmas tree with wrapped gifts.

Giftbox2 screenshot
Giftbox2 by Wuzzy

Gift boxes that players can give to other who will then receive random items

Red Pockets screenshot
Red Pockets by 1F616EMO

Happy Chinese New Year! Give artificial red pockets to kids!

Ambience screenshot
Ambience by TenPlus1

Adds realistic sound effects into your world.

Music screenshot
Music by FreeBSD

A background music mod

Bell screenshot
Bell by Sokomine

A bell that sounds each hour - like a historic bell in a church or town hall

Jukeloopbox  screenshot
Jukeloopbox by ulla

A simple jukebox that can be used for small looped tracks, or simply to listen to music

Drums screenshot
Drums by Mitalar_Zinmaer

Adds playable drums with real samples

Wilhelmines Sounds screenshot
Wilhelmines Sounds by Liil

Adds ambient sounds to the landscapes of Living Floatlands, Living Desert, Living Jungle, Living Caves and Natural Biomes

Mineclone 2 C418 Records screenshot
Mineclone 2 C418 Records by Thisaccountis42

Adds 4 new records: "minimal", "krank", "depado", and "phlips", songs all produced by C418 and released under CC-By 3.

Jukebox screenshot
Jukebox by LNJ

A mod that adds a jukebox with nine different discs.

Bell Chimes screenshot
Bell Chimes by sorcerykid

Adds a set of church bells that are chimed automatically at different periods.

silence screenshot
silence by fluxionary

adds a node to silence nearby sounds

Cornet screenshot
Cornet by dagm

Torture players with a cornet!!

Industrious screenshot
Industrious by StarNinjas

Adds new industrious-themed blocks and tools.

sfcraftguide screenshot
sfcraftguide by Duvalon

An augmented mtg_craftguide. Supports a progressive reveal system that follows doc items help.

Zoonami screenshot
Zoonami by isaiah658

Collect and train monsters that can be used in battles.

Railbuilder screenshot
Railbuilder by rlars

This mod allows you to plan and build tunnels and rails for Advtrains.

Bulldozer screenshot
Bulldozer by celeron55

Driveable bulldozer for pushing nodes and flattening ground

Hexagonal screenshot
Hexagonal by GreenXenith

Proof of concept for hexagonal nodes

Go screenshot
Go by LMD

A game of Go

SkinsDB screenshot
SkinsDB by bell07

Custom player skins manager with support for 1.0 and 1.8er skins and inventory skins selector

Edit Skin screenshot
Edit Skin by Johannes Fritz

Advanced player skin customization

Simple Skins screenshot
Simple Skins by TenPlus1

Allows players to set their individual skins from a list or custom.

BlockHead screenshot
BlockHead by Silver Sandstone

Lets you put a block on your head.

Wardrobe screenshot
Wardrobe by AntumDeluge

A wardrobe that can be used to register & set new player skins.

SkinsDB for Hades Revisited screenshot
SkinsDB for Hades Revisited by SFENCE

Custom player skins manager with support for 1.0 and 1.8er skins and inventory skins selector for Hades Revisited

Missions screenshot
Missions by BuckarooBanzai

Adds blocks to create missions with rewards, timeout and penalties.

Locks screenshot
Locks by Sokomine

Shared chests, doors, furnaces and signs - with keys

PuzzleMap screenshot
PuzzleMap by Warr1024

Puzzle/Adventure Map System using Node Protection Mechanic

Quiz - Play Challenge screenshot
Quiz - Play Challenge by snowyu

This mod requires players to answer question before they can play. If you answer correctly, you will get a award and continue to play, otherwise you will not be able to play.

World of Life screenshot
World of Life by LMD

Simulates 3D cellular automata in your entire world. WARNING: you will lose items & buildings in your world.

BlockAssault CTA screenshot
BlockAssault CTA by EISHU

Conquer the area! Kill enemies, Help your Team! For BlockAssault Engine, Also available for map maker too!

Conquer screenshot
Conquer by rubenwardy

Command your troops to victory - an RTS mini-game

NucleoTest screenshot
NucleoTest by LissoBone

Battle Royale-like game. Provides an API and a reference implementation. Highly radioactive. Work in progress.

Thruster screenshot
Thruster by LissoBone

Propel yourself through space with this new invention. Zero-G recommended. Check settings for tweaks.

Weedstone Random Mod Thing screenshot
Weedstone Random Mod Thing by chaosomnium

Originally meant to be a simple electronics type mod inspired by redstones, I messed around with the code after getting bored and got this weird mod, and now it's this thing. Enjoy I guess?

Easy Craft screenshot
Easy Craft by GethN7

Provides several easy recipes to make many craftable items. Fork of Easy Wool by Tim7

Usable Nodes screenshot
Usable Nodes by Volik

Adds usable nodes, such as kill block, or move block.

More Snow screenshot
More Snow by Sokomine

snow and wool for stairs - nicer winter landscape and snow-covered roofs

X Bows screenshot
X Bows by SaKeL

Adds bow and arrows with API.

X Obsidianmese screenshot
X Obsidianmese by SaKeL

Shooting sword, woodcutting / treecapitator axe, multiple plow blocks / plant seeds hoe, path creating shovel, pickaxe can place secondary items (e.g. torches) and more...

bweapons modpack screenshot
bweapons modpack by mt-mods

A weapons modpack aiming at providing a complete, technologic and magic progression of ranged weapons, along with an API to easily make your own ones.

Aurora Tech screenshot
Aurora Tech by Aurailus

Unique and powerful gadgets and utilites.

X Bows Extras screenshot
X Bows Extras by SaKeL

Adds more bows/guns and arrows to Minetest using X Bows API.

Cannon73 screenshot
Cannon73 by Johannes Fritz

Shootable and aimable cannons

Mineclonefood screenshot
Mineclonefood by Frederik

A mod for Mineclone2 and Mineclonia with new food.

Sparking Wand Mod screenshot
Sparking Wand Mod by Olaf

Craft a wand with which you can cast a lightning spell. Great for discovering caves.

Super Foods! screenshot
Super Foods! by LoopyAntenna

Adds many new foods, such as cake, watermelon, coconut, and cheese! You can even play in Survival!

Trucraft screenshot
Trucraft by mt-mods

An alternative crafting system done entirely in the world.

Axis Tools screenshot
Axis Tools by mt-mods

All the functionality of tinkers construct, but all in your inventory.

Wilhelmines People screenshot
Wilhelmines People by Liil

Adds the possibility to build living Villages. Trade items for random stuff from your villagers, recruit mounts and warriors.

Awards screenshot
Awards by rubenwardy

Adds achievements

Rope Bridges screenshot
Rope Bridges by SFENCE

Buildable rope bridge. Should be used with moreblocks or hades_moreblocks.

Spiradilus screenshot
Spiradilus by ElCeejo

Adds a ghostly Crocodilian mini-boss

Mask screenshot
Mask by GenesisMT

A simple mask you can wear.

Flying Carpet screenshot
Flying Carpet by Wuzzy

Quickly explore the vast terrain with the magical flying carpet.

UFO Ship screenshot
UFO Ship by wsor4035

adds a ufo for flying around in

Folks screenshot
Folks by SonoMichele

Adds customizable NPCs

Treasure chest screenshot
Treasure chest by ZenonSeth

Adds a block called Treasure Chest that hands semi-randomized rewards on a timer.

Rename screenshot
Rename by niwla23

This Mod can rename Items

More Awards screenshot
More Awards by ClothierEdward

A mod that expands on rubenwardy's Awards mod by adding tons of new awards.

Gadgets Modpack screenshot
Gadgets Modpack by mt-mods

A modpack providing full progression of magic and technology-based items that apply status effects or do other useful functions

Warp Potions screenshot
Warp Potions by Shara

Cost per use potions teleport system designed for survival servers.

Journal screenshot
Journal by theFox

Do you want to add story to your game? Make your protagonist write notes into his Journal.

Surprise Blocks screenshot
Surprise Blocks by Wuzzy

Randomly spawns surprise blocks closely about ground level.

Teleport Anchor screenshot
Teleport Anchor by 1F616EMO

Fixed teleport destinations for survival players or adventure map makers

Ghosts screenshot
Ghosts by LMD

Adds fancy particle ghosts

Respawn Timer screenshot
Respawn Timer by LMD

Forces players to wait a set duration before respawning

Banshee screenshot
Banshee by ElCeejo

Adds Banshees, a ghostly mob that haunts pine forests

Mirror of Returning screenshot
Mirror of Returning by Wuzzy

Adds a magical item which teleports the user to a previously set location.

Ski screenshot
Ski by qawsedrftgzh

Go skiing, and have fun, and save your winter holidys

i3  screenshot
i3 by mt-mods

A next-generation inventory

Mobs Redo API screenshot
Mobs Redo API by TenPlus1

Simple and feature rich API to quickly add mobs into your world.

Creatura screenshot
Creatura by ElCeejo

A performant, semi-modular, Animal focused mob API

Arena_lib screenshot
Arena_lib by Zughy

Library working as a core for any mini-game you have in mind

AirUtils screenshot
AirUtils by APercy

A lib for airplanes and some useful tools

Melterns screenshot
Melterns by IcyDiamond

Tinkers Construct in Minetest!

Flow screenshot
Flow by Luke

A formspec library that automatically positions and sizes elements

Fire Plus screenshot
Fire Plus by LandarVargan

Allows players to be lit on fire.

Formspec AST screenshot
Formspec AST by Luke

A library to help other mods interpret formspecs.

Tubelib2 screenshot
Tubelib2 by joe7575

A library for mods which need connecting tubes / pipes / cables or similar.

Climate API screenshot
Climate API by TestificateMods

A powerful engine for weather presets and visual effects. Requires a weather pack like Regional Weather.

Skills screenshot
Skills by giov4

An API for creating skills.

Mana screenshot
Mana by Wuzzy

Adds a mana attribute to players, can be used as energy source for magical items, etc.

Vote screenshot
Vote by rubenwardy

Adds an API to allow players to vote

fmod screenshot
fmod by fluxionary

flux's mod boilerplate

Controls screenshot
Controls by mt-mods

Utility library for control press/hold/release events

Named Waypoints screenshot
Named Waypoints by FaceDeer

A library for managing waypoints shown in player HUDs that can be discovered by exploration.

Resize Me! screenshot
Resize Me! by VeproGames

Become an Ant or a Giant! Exposes API

Xmaps screenshot
Xmaps by erlehmann

Adds map items that show terrain in HUD

Calendar screenshot
Calendar by Wuzzy

A simple calender system to track the passage of days

futil screenshot
futil by fluxionary

flux's utility mod

Zero-Effort Custom Minerals screenshot
Zero-Effort Custom Minerals by Piezo_

A tool for registering entire materials, complete with ore generation, tool-sets and automatically generated sprites with almost no effort required

City Block II screenshot
City Block II by sorcerykid

Disables use of water and lava buckets within a designated area

Slope Lib screenshot
Slope Lib by epCode

A lib that calculates the average 3d slope of surrounding nodes from a position and raduis.

Debug screenshot
Debug by LMD

Debugging on steroids

SkillsFramework screenshot
SkillsFramework by domtron vox

SkillsFramework provides an API for creating and managing skills.

Botic Font screenshot
Botic Font by Pyrollo

Botic font minetest mod for font API

Polygraph screenshot
Polygraph by sorcerykid

A formspec-based charting API providing a rich set of output parameters

Scarlet screenshot
Scarlet by sorcerykid

Scarlet is a thin-wrapper library that simplifies the layout of formspec elements.

Matrix Chat screenshot
Matrix Chat by joenas

This mod creates a bridge between a Matrix channel and the in-game chat!

QA-Block screenshot
QA-Block by bell07

A mods development / QA helper

Panel_lib screenshot
Panel_lib by Zughy

Library allowing modders to create complex HUDs in an easy way

ActiveFormspecs screenshot
ActiveFormspecs by sorcerykid

ActiveFormspecs is a framework that abstracts the builtin formspec API of Minetest

Configuration Panel screenshot
Configuration Panel by sorcerykid

API extension that allows seamless loading of mod configuration at runtime

Pova screenshot
Pova by TenPlus1

Gives mod makers a set of functions to safely apply player physics overrides.

Documentation System screenshot
Documentation System by Wuzzy

A simple in-game documentation system which enables mods to add help entries based on templates.

Cartographer screenshot
Cartographer by Hugues Ross

A mapmaking API. Needs additional mods to function.

HUD Timers screenshot
HUD Timers by LMD

A lightweight library for adding hud timers.

Commodity market screenshot
Commodity market by FaceDeer

Provides API support for various in-world commodity markets

Matrix Math Library screenshot
Matrix Math Library by entuland

A wrapper around the Lua Matrix library to make it available to other mods

Basic Ownership screenshot
Basic Ownership by sorcerykid

An efficient and flexible node-based protection scheme for multiplayer worlds

Pillars screenshot
Pillars by citorva

Add a lot of pillars for fun.

Moblib screenshot
Moblib by LMD

Low-level high-performance entity library

Giad screenshot
Giad by ekl

WIP Library for creating walking vehicles

Beds Redux screenshot
Beds Redux by sorcerykid

A complete rewrite of the Beds mod with many additional features

Item Help screenshot
Item Help by Wuzzy

Adds automatically generated help texts for items.

Loot screenshot
Loot by Byakuren

A loot framework.

Unicode Text screenshot
Unicode Text by erlehmann

This library can be used to render UTF-8 encoded Unicode text to a texture (e.g. with tga_encoder). It is intended to be used from code that needs to render in-game signs.

hand_monoid screenshot
hand_monoid by fluxionary

player monoid for controlling the look and abilities of the player's hand.

Jean's Economy screenshot
Jean's Economy by Jean3219

Full Economy for Servers like, paying, individual bank statemants, daily rewards, easy api for modders, easy integration with other mods ...

Guidebook Library screenshot
Guidebook Library by mt-mods

A library for registering functional in-game documentation 'guidebooks'.

GetName screenshot
GetName by kevins

Adds an API and tool to generate random names for NPCs, mobs, and places.

persistent_monoids screenshot
persistent_monoids by fluxionary

player_monoids that persist between player sessions and server restarts/crashes.

Doclib screenshot
Doclib by joe7575

A library to generate ingame manuals based on markdown files.

Ediblestuff API screenshot
Ediblestuff API by lazerbeak12345

A unified API for making items, tools and armor edible. Eat armor while wearing it!

Function Delayer screenshot
Function Delayer by Hybrid Dog

Allows executing functions after a delay to reduce possible lag (EDD scheduler?)

Grenades API screenshot
Grenades API by LandarVargan

Adds an API for easily creating grenades

Antigrief screenshot
Antigrief by sorcerykid

An API for validating node and item placement via a simple callback mechanism.

Mapsync screenshot
Mapsync by BuckarooBanzai

Synchronize the ingame map with a lua-backend

Lockout screenshot
Lockout by ApolloX

Late-stage Security for Servers

Central Message screenshot
Central Message by Wuzzy

Simple API to show messages to the center of the screen to players.

Weapons API screenshot
Weapons API by Stix

Adds an API to easily register custom weapons

Phonics Library screenshot
Phonics Library by Neuromancer

Provides a library for creating Phonics (Learn how to read) mods in different languages.

HUD FS screenshot
HUD FS by Luke

A library to make HUDs from formspecs

Lighting Monoid screenshot
Lighting Monoid by TestificateMods

Provides a compatibility API for player lighting

balanced diet screenshot
balanced diet by fluxionary

api for specifying multiple dimensions to eating

name monoid screenshot
name monoid by fluxionary

flexible control of a player's nametag

Basic HUD textures screenshot
Basic HUD textures by Wuzzy

Adds basic but neccessary HUD images: Heart icon, bubble icon, … (for game authors)

Key Binding screenshot
Key Binding by 1F616EMO

Register callbacks when a key is pressed, holded, or released.

action queues screenshot
action queues by fluxionary

provides an API for queuing things for batch processing w/ various ways to specify the batch "size".

FS51 screenshot
FS51 by Luke

Compatibility layer for formspecs

Compression API screenshot
Compression API by The4spaceconstants

An API that provides functions to procedurally register compressed versions of nodes.

description_monoids screenshot
description_monoids by fluxionary

API to allow multiple mods to make modifications to an itemstack's description

Keyevent screenshot
Keyevent by DS

Adds an event for when player presses a key.

afk_api screenshot
afk_api by fluxionary

an API for registering events which trigger when a player goes AFK or comes back from AFK.

World Storage screenshot
World Storage by Sumianvoice

Allows saving and loading data to the world folder, and offers an alternative to global settings

Signs Redux screenshot
Signs Redux by sorcerykid

Signs Redux is a complete rewrite of default signs that adds many new features

Job Control Mod screenshot
Job Control Mod by sorcerykid

A more flexible alternative to the builtin minetest.after function

craftsystem screenshot
craftsystem by fluxionary

craft registration API which automatically deals w/ replacements

Smart Chat screenshot
Smart Chat by Clyde

A new, lightweight, simple and modular Chatsystem

Timekeeper screenshot
Timekeeper by sorcerykid

Timekeeper acts as a centralized dispatcher for all time-sensitive routines

item_monoids screenshot
item_monoids by fluxionary

an API for controlling item properties via monoids

Vision Lib screenshot
Vision Lib by mt-mods

Common library for PolySaken's mods.

verbana screenshot
verbana by fluxionary

verification and banning

Sway screenshot
Sway by lazerbeak12345

A simple inventory that makes use of Flow forms.

node entity queue screenshot
node entity queue by fluxionary

a queue for spreading out the generation of node entities over multiple server steps (smartshops, signs, itemframes, etc).

Autobox screenshot
Autobox by Just_Visiting

Auto Collision/Selection Loading Boxes

group:any screenshot
group:any by 1F616EMO

Item group applied to ALL items for crafting recipes.

Telegram screenshot
Telegram by neko259

Integration with telegram messenger chat

Persistent Effects screenshot
Persistent Effects by epCode

An API for creating persistent effects for any object. eg. damage a player or entity over time. (like poison)

Wield Gadgets screenshot
Wield Gadgets by 1F616EMO

Register gadgets that can be used with a hotkey

Exploding Chest screenshot
Exploding Chest by Coder12

Api-mod to allow containers like chest to explode if it contains explosive materials.

Metavectors screenshot
Metavectors by theFox

vectors using metatables to make coding easier

Cycles screenshot
Cycles by 1F616EMO

API to cycle though block/item state on certan events

Be2een Api screenshot
Be2een Api by _gianpy_

timers, animation and action! ciack

DataMiner screenshot
DataMiner by sorcerykid

DataMiner is an analytical tool for server operators with a feature-rich API for customized report generation

Pluggable Helpers screenshot
Pluggable Helpers by sorcerykid

Automated dependency management of helper functions within a distributed architecture

Level API screenshot
Level API by Hume2

A library for games to load levels defined as schematics

Stopwatch screenshot
Stopwatch by sorcerykid

Stopwatch is Lua-based benchmarking API for Minetest developers

Node Object screenshot
Node Object by jwmhjwmh

A library for associating objects with nodes

Gettime screenshot
Gettime by 1F616EMO

A api to get in-game hour/minute

Walkover screenshot
Walkover by lordfingle

A library to make it easier for developers to detect on_walk_over

Builtin Item screenshot
Builtin Item by TenPlus1

Dropped items can now be pushed by water, burn quickly in lava and have their own custom functions.

Torch Bomb screenshot
Torch Bomb by FaceDeer

Place torches throughout your entire surroundings with a torch bomb

Alive AI screenshot
Alive AI by AiTechEye

Advanced survivor ai mobs (npc, monsters and more)

Hammer Of Power screenshot
Hammer Of Power by LandarVargan

Adds a steel hammer and the powerful version that you can create from it.

Pathogen screenshot
Pathogen by Bas080

Anables users to get a pathogen.

Regrow screenshot
Regrow by TenPlus1

This mod helps to regrow tree fruits instead of replanting saplings.

Spacecannon screenshot
Spacecannon by mt-mods

Adds three scifi/space cannons with various projectile-speed and explosion-strength

Kudzu screenshot
Kudzu by chaosomnium

kudzu (invasive spreading plant) mod, with useful crafts and items

Spears screenshot
Spears by Echoes91

Adds spears, versatile weapons that can be thrown.

Obsidian Swords screenshot
Obsidian Swords by Dragonop

Adds the Obsidian Dagger, Sword, and Longsword. Also Obsidian tools, for completeness.

Uranium Stuff screenshot
Uranium Stuff by Epoxum

Adds Uranium tools and armor, compatible with technic.

Medieval Weapons screenshot
Medieval Weapons by riptiderazor

A simple mod that adds katanas, axes and sabres . Artwork by deathblade.

Death Compass screenshot
Death Compass by FaceDeer

A compass that points to the last place you died

Stalker screenshot
Stalker by DuckGo

A terrifying and very strong monster that lives in caves

Mystical Tools screenshot
Mystical Tools by liteninglazer

tool progression past diamonds and adds mystical staffs and wands

choppy screenshot
choppy by fluxionary

yet another tree-cutting mod

The Grue mod screenshot
The Grue mod by Majozoe

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Cannons screenshot
Cannons by addi

Adds Cannons. Insert muni and gunpowder, and punch it with a torch. The muni can destroy nodes and hurts players.

bones (redo) screenshot
bones (redo) by fluxionary

the bones mod from minetest_game, but with updates to make them much more reliable

Projectiles screenshot
Projectiles by Noodlemire

Adds various projectile weapons which work based off of MT 5.3.0's new collision info provided to objects' on_step functions.

Throwing Redo screenshot
Throwing Redo by Palige

New throwing implementation designed to be extensible

Cannonballs screenshot
Cannonballs by AwesomeDragon97

Launch explosive cannonballs at your enemies.

Cube Mobs screenshot
Cube Mobs by Xanthus

Adds various cube mobs with different abilities using mobkit.

Whack-a-Corn screenshot
Whack-a-Corn by Avicennia_g

Use vaguely familiar tools, weapons and other items to smash "eggcorns" in this frantic, Nodecore-flavoured, smash-and-dash styled minigame.

Xeno-Zapper screenshot
Xeno-Zapper by MadKamel

The Xeno-Zapper is an electroshock self-defense weapon used in self-defense against hostile alien fauna within melee range.

NodeCore Plumbum screenshot
NodeCore Plumbum by Winter94

Plumbum, the best radiation protection the earth can provide!

Bouncy Leaves screenshot
Bouncy Leaves by 1F616EMO

Adds bouncy and fall damage reduce effect to leaves

Blood Bane Sword screenshot
Blood Bane Sword by Blocky Player

OP sword for moderators. In memory of an old teacher, who had a mod similar to this on a private server.

Waste screenshot
Waste by Jolesh

Adds Waste and ways to recycle it into useful resources

Atium screenshot
Atium by GenesisMT

A strange a ore with tools.

Throwable Bombs screenshot
Throwable Bombs by DragonWrangler

adds a cave expansion tool, a throwable tnt stick, a throwable smoke bomb, and a mob throws tnt

Joke Currency screenshot
Joke Currency by chaosomnium

Adds a joke economy in game with controllable inflation and deflation.

Classic Coaches screenshot
Classic Coaches by Marnack

Passenger coaches with customizable liveries for use with the advtrains mod.

Cheese screenshot
Cheese by Annalysa

Boil milk and then let the curd age to get cheese!

ATM Redo screenshot
ATM Redo by CodeMiner

Adds an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and MWT (Money Wire Transfer) designed to work with the currency mod and its minegeld banknotes.

DlxTrains screenshot
DlxTrains by Marnack

Additional railway related content for use with Advanced Trains (advtrains).

Storage Drawers screenshot
Storage Drawers by LNJ

Adding simple storages for items, showing the item's inventory image in the front.

SF Inventory Bags screenshot
SF Inventory Bags by TenPlus1

Adds a BAGS tab to SF Inventory with slots for different size bags to store items

Portability screenshot
Portability by ThePython10110

Adds portable things to MineClone (crafting table, ender chest, enchanting table)

Void Chest screenshot
Void Chest by MeseCraft

Access your belongings anywhere by using the power of the void chest!

Basket screenshot
Basket by 1F616EMO

A portable basket for carrying large amount of items (= Shulker Boxes)

Wrench screenshot
Wrench by mt-mods

Adds a wrench to pick up nodes with inventories, such as chests, and transport them to another location.

Quick Stack screenshot
Quick Stack by OgelGames

Adds Terraria's quick stack feature to Unified Inventory

Claycrafter screenshot
Claycrafter by Dragonop

Introduces the Claycrafter, which converts Compressed Dirt to Clay using Glasses of Water.

Mesebox screenshot
Mesebox by johalun

Mobile storage box powered by Mese

Satchel screenshot
Satchel by Avicennia_g

Attempt at adding a formspec-less inventory interface.

Sneak Drop screenshot
Sneak Drop by Flay Krunegan

Pick up all items on the ground in a 3 block radius by holding sneak.

Compression screenshot
Compression by The4spaceconstants

Uses compression_api to generate compressed nodes.

Item Tracking screenshot
Item Tracking by Impulse

Provides a API to mod developers to track which inventories items are in.

Shadow Realm screenshot
Shadow Realm by archfan7411

The realm of shadows contains many hidden horrors.

Mudsling screenshot
Mudsling by Avicennia_g

Inverted-direction player slingshot

Copier screenshot
Copier by 1F616EMO

A tool to copy and paste nodes from a file or from a tool

OwOspeak screenshot
OwOspeak by ROllerozxa

Converts everything in chat into OwOspeak

Chocolatestuff screenshot
Chocolatestuff by lazerbeak12345

Adds edible chocolate tools and armor to Minetest.

Alchemy screenshot
Alchemy by TheAlchemist0033

adds throwable and regular potions to game (beta)

Resource Crops screenshot
Resource Crops by TwigGlenn4

Simple crops to grow resources inspired by Mystical Agriculture for Minecraft

More Swords screenshot
More Swords by JAstudios

Adds more powerfull swords that have various abilities.

ExchangeClone screenshot
ExchangeClone by ThePython10110

Transmute items into other items, create powerful tools and armor, and more! Based on ProjectE/Equivalent Exchange.

Death Cetro screenshot
Death Cetro by 1faco

Adds a Staff thats teleports you to your last death position.

Fire Master screenshot
Fire Master by Flay Krunegan

Fire Master is a powerful weapon that can shoot fire

Transporter screenshot
Transporter by mt-mods

Adds a configurable technic-based transporter, with bookmarks and many options

Mystic Runes screenshot
Mystic Runes by liteninglazer

Adds runes which can be used to craft powerful items.

Lighting Wand screenshot
Lighting Wand by vibes81

Adds a greedy wand that eats burnable items and uses it to place a light where ever the player points.

WorldEdit screenshot
WorldEdit by sfan5

In-game world editor. Use it to repair griefing, or just create awesome buildings in seconds.

Digtron screenshot
Digtron by FaceDeer

Adds components for building modular tunnel boring machines

Unified Dyes screenshot
Unified Dyes by mt-mods

Unified Dyes expands the standard dye set from 15 to up to 256 colors (depending on the object to be colored)

Tower Crane screenshot
Tower Crane by joe7575

A scaffold alternative for your building site

Research N' Duplicate screenshot
Research N' Duplicate by Noodlemire

Obtain and research enough of a specific item to unlock the ability to infinitely duplicate it.

WorldEdit Additions screenshot
WorldEdit Additions by Starbeamrainbowlabs

Extra tools and commands to extend WorldEdit. Currently has over 70 commands!

Terraform screenshot
Terraform by x2048

Adds terraforming tools to your creative toolbox

Extruder Tool screenshot
Extruder Tool by fgaz

Adds an extruder tool that can extend continuous surfaces towards the node face that was clicked

Pontoons screenshot
Pontoons by FaceDeer

A "floating" block that can be placed at the surface of a body of water without needing to build pilings first.

Replacer screenshot
Replacer by Sokomine

Exchange/replace nodes with one click.

Trails screenshot
Trails by X5Dragonfire

Allows you to make paths in grass with ground roller

Extended Placement screenshot
Extended Placement by gamefreq0

Allows placing nodes below/behind the closest node to where you are looking, when you're looking at the air where said node would go.

Nodrown screenshot
Nodrown by Minisleep

Disables drowning, so you can swim and live underwater forever.

vexcazer screenshot
vexcazer by AiTechEye

Ultimate build+mine & admin tool

Wings screenshot
Wings by xXNicoXx

Wings is a mod whiche allows server owners to give players fly privs while holding the wings (Like binoculars) made by xXNicoxx

Lua Controller Block screenshot
Lua Controller Block by LC Creations

Adds a block that functions like a Lua Controller but has 'e' (down) and 'f' (up) pins and ports

BridgeTool screenshot
BridgeTool by Kilarin

Adds a new "bridge tool" that makes placing stone (or glass, earth, or any material) while building a bridge in no-fly mode easy.

Floating Anchor screenshot
Floating Anchor by Starbeamrainbowlabs

ExtraUtilities' Angel Block for Minecraft in Minetest! Place structures in mid-air with ease.

Digibuilder screenshot
Digibuilder by BuckarooBanzai

Build nodes with digiline commands

Automatic Cave Lighting screenshot
Automatic Cave Lighting by Hybrid Dog

Add two chatcommands to automatically light up dark places (e.g. caves) with lighting nodes such as torches.

Instabreak screenshot
Instabreak by Mint

Instantly break (most) construction blocks.

Voxeload screenshot
Voxeload by zeuner

Load voxel data, mapping colors to nodes

Electric Screwdriver screenshot
Electric Screwdriver by skiscratcher

A supplement to screwdriver, to speed up placing blocks in a repetitive way

NC Pumbob screenshot
NC Pumbob by Winter94

adds carvable and sealable pumice bobbers/floaters

Symmetool screenshot
Symmetool by Nigel

Symmetric building tool for MineTest.

Replacements screenshot
Replacements by BuckarooBanzai

Replacement/placeholder blocks intended for schematics

Mid Measure screenshot
Mid Measure by ANAND

Quickly get the distance between two nodes and calculate their mid-point

Test Edit screenshot
Test Edit by lemaitredeNether

Have you ever dreamed of using world edit on minetest?... well it’s possible!!

Stair Pick screenshot
Stair Pick by BrandonReese

This is a specialized pick for making stairs.

Internet Relay Chat screenshot
Internet Relay Chat by kaeza

Connect your server to an IRC channel, and install irc_commands to control the server from IRC

FediAuth screenshot
FediAuth by localhost

Verification/authorization via Fediverse based on (t)otp

Chat Translator screenshot
Chat Translator by Droog71

Translates chat messages in Minetest using LibreTranslate.

YL Matterbridge screenshot
YL Matterbridge by AliasAlreadyTaken

Handles chat between Minetest and Matterbridge

modinfo screenshot
modinfo by fluxionary

get info about the mods running on a server

bug command screenshot
bug command by fluxionary

adds a command that submits a bug report to a github repo.

Auth Redux screenshot
Auth Redux by sorcerykid

Auth Redux is a drop-in replacement for the builtin authentication handler of Minetest

VPS Blocker screenshot
VPS Blocker by Lejo

Block players using vpns, proxys or other hosting services

Murder screenshot
Murder by giov4

There's a murderer between us...

Oneblock screenshot
Oneblock by NO11

Build your island in the sky with random items!

Fantasy Brawl screenshot
Fantasy Brawl by giov4

Class-based fighting minigame. Choose your class, prepare your skills and defeat them all!

Skywars screenshot
Skywars by giov4

Skywars is a PvP minigame where players battle each other on floating islands until there is only one survivor remaining.

Grapple screenshot
Grapple by MisterE

A grappling hook, especially for minigames. Could be fun in survival too.

Sumo screenshot
Sumo by MisterE

Sumo Minigame (Arena_lib)

ColourJump screenshot
ColourJump by MrFreeman

A simple minigame where the players need to jump on the correct platform to avoid to fall down

Manhunt screenshot
Manhunt by LissoBone

Play with your friends and enemies in this exciting manhunt game.

parkour screenshot
parkour by niwla23

Adds checkpoints and endpoints for parkours

Currency screenshot
Currency by mt-mods

Provides shops, barter tables, safes, and multiple denominations of currency, called "Minegeld". Originally written by Dan Duncombe, but maintained by me.

Minertrade screenshot
Minertrade by Lunovox

It adds various types of money, exchange table, Dispensing Machines, ATMs in stores.

Server Shops screenshot
Server Shops by AntumDeluge

Shops intended to be set up by server administrators.

Traders screenshot
Traders by Sokomine

Configurable mobs/NPC which can trade for you.

Bank Accounts screenshot
Bank Accounts by Tmanyo

Adds bank accounts with ATMs and Debit\Credit cards.

SimpleCoins screenshot
SimpleCoins by Crystalwarrior

Mod for simple, extremely stackable coins to be used by other mods for trading, currency and inventory management.

Easy Vending Machines screenshot
Easy Vending Machines by Wuzzy

Adds vending and depositing machines which allow to buy and sell items from other players, using a currency item.

Coins screenshot
Coins by Clyde

Adds 3 kind of Coins to your game

BitChange screenshot
BitChange by Krock

Money items for your world, based on Bitcoins

Apartment screenshot
Apartment by Sokomine

Rent an apartment with your own chests and furnaces close to spawn

Smart Renting screenshot
Smart Renting by AiTechEye

Smart renting: Rent out your locked things and earn money!

Minercantile screenshot
Minercantile by Mathias

Economy featuring a primitive supply and demand system for exchanging goods.

Exchange screenshot
Exchange by Goops

Inject currency into a server economy

Credits screenshot
Credits by ApolloX

A currency which can be digital or physical

Schematic Editor screenshot
Schematic Editor by Wuzzy

Advanced tool for modders and advanced users to create and edit schematics.

boomstick screenshot
boomstick by fluxionary

a tool for testing the behavior of tnt

Runtime Strictness screenshot
Runtime Strictness by LMD

Disallows questionable usage of the Lua API & Lua itself to help catch errors

debuggery screenshot
debuggery by fluxionary

debugging tools for server admins

MT_QOL screenshot
MT_QOL by beaver700nh

Improves in-game QOL by adding helpful commands

Too Many Aliases screenshot
Too Many Aliases by ThePython10110

Adds aliases to every item/node in MineClone to make them match MineCraft so you can stop forgetting that mcl_mobitems:ender_pearl should be mcl_throwing:ender_pearl.

Meseconometer screenshot
Meseconometer by DS

Device to meassure time of mesecon signals in globalsteps

PerfHUD screenshot
PerfHUD by Juri

Adds an HUD which shows some performance stats.

Inspector screenshot
Inspector by sofar

An in-game tool to inspect node parameters and metadata.

Lua Button screenshot
Lua Button by Zemtzov7

Button that executes custom lua code on rightclick

Key Combos screenshot
Key Combos by epCode

A lib for adding actions when certain keys are pressed in order.

HUD Bars screenshot
HUD Bars by Wuzzy

Replaces the default health and breath symbols by horizontal colored bars with text showing the number. Extensible.

What is This? UwU screenshot
What is This? UwU by Rotfuchs-von-Vulpes

That shows at the top of your screen what you're looking at.

Playerlist screenshot
Playerlist by Fleckenstein

Show a list of all online players (similar to minecrafts tab-list) when a player is sneaking.

Cinematic Zoom screenshot
Cinematic Zoom by Fennelfox

Replaces the built-in zooming feature with a cool, nicer-looking animation.

Hunger NG screenshot
Hunger NG by Linuxdirk

Hunger NG is a mod for Minetest adding a very customizable and easy to extend hunger system.

Minimap Radar screenshot
Minimap Radar by OgelGames

A simple mod that enables the use of the minimap radar with a craftable item

HUD Compass screenshot
HUD Compass by kestral

Optionally place a HUD compass and 24-hour clock on the screen.

Oretracker screenshot
Oretracker by ApolloX

For tracking what ores are around the player.

Fbt WiTT screenshot
Fbt WiTT by Forburnt

WAILA-like mod (a rewrite of WiTT by MightyAlex200)

Just Zoom screenshot
Just Zoom by Alib234

Allows you to just zoom at any time

HUD Notify screenshot
HUD Notify by ANAND

Shows a message to a player in-game, by means of an HUD element.

Hunger with HUD Bar screenshot
Hunger with HUD Bar by Wuzzy

This mod adds a simple hunger mechanic (plus HUD bar) to the game. Eat food to avoid starvation, be sated to regenerate health.

Armor HUD bar screenshot
Armor HUD bar by Wuzzy

Adds a HUD bar displaying the current damage of the player's armor.

Inventory Icon screenshot
Inventory Icon by Wuzzy

Shows a backpack icon in the HUD, which shows how many slots are available and free in the player inventory and equipped bags (if available).

WorldEdit HUD Helper screenshot
WorldEdit HUD Helper by Starbeamrainbowlabs

Displays the name of the node you're looking at & your rotation in your HUD. Banish the debug text forever!

advmarkers screenshot
advmarkers by Luke

Allows you to create and manage markers/waypoints.

PosTool screenshot
PosTool by SwissalpS

Adds a HUD to show current ingame time and position also tool to visualize map-blocks

Coordinates screenshot
Coordinates by DoubleM07

It shows your coordinates the whole time without decimal places and rounded. It's also working in multiplayer.

WiTT screenshot
WiTT by MightyAlex200

Small indicator to show what the player is looking at.

mTimer screenshot
mTimer by Linuxdirk

Ingame timer for showing current playtime, current day time, ingame time, etc.

Nickname screenshot
Nickname by snowyu

This mod set a nickname with color to the player.

Inotify screenshot
Inotify by ApolloX

A notification tool for players in-game.

Vignette Redo screenshot
Vignette Redo by kestral

Optionally place a vignette filter over the screen.

What are those!? screenshot
What are those!? by tacotexmex

See what those nodes are called by simply looking at them (or by punching them)

Mesecons screenshot
Mesecons by Jeija

Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers.

Digilines screenshot
Digilines by Jeija

This mod adds digiline wires, an RTC (Real Time Clock), a light sensor as well as an LCD Screen.

Computertest screenshot
Computertest by zaners123

A ComputerCraft-inspired mod! Program them with LUA and watch them work!

Mail screenshot
Mail by mt-mods

Ingame mail-system

Account Manager screenshot
Account Manager by rubenwardy

Automatically create accounts in bulk, and export to .CSV and .HTML (and .PDF)

LWComputers screenshot
LWComputers by loosewheel

Adds programmable computers and robots, and sundry.

English Phonics screenshot
English Phonics by Neuromancer

English Phonics (Learn how to sound out words and to read)

CodeBlock screenshot
CodeBlock by giga-turbo

Use lua code to build anything you want

Classroom screenshot
Classroom by rubenwardy

An easy way to manage students in-game, with support for bulk actions and macros.

Cellular Automata screenshot
Cellular Automata by bobomb

For creating 1D, 2D (including Conway's Game of Life) and 3D cellular automata.

Scriptblocks 2 screenshot
Scriptblocks 2 by rdococ

Adds nodes that can be used to build reusable programs.

Quiz UI screenshot
Quiz UI by snowyu

The Manager UI for the Quiz mod.

Numeracy screenshot
Numeracy by amalon

Adds blocks for exploring numeracy with children, which join together and change appearance as in the Numberblocks TV programme.

Edutest screenshot
Edutest by zeuner

Provides a GUI frontend for the educational staff.

MathPlot screenshot
MathPlot by kyleclaassen

A tool for constructing mathematical curves/surfaces/solids.

TurtleMiner screenshot
TurtleMiner by BirgitLachner

A Mod to let Kids start programming with a turtle that can move around in the world, and dig and build what the user wants.

Sandwiches! screenshot
Sandwiches! by Annalysa

Add Sandwiches to your game! Choose between meat, vegetarian, jam and many more!

Wine screenshot
Wine by TenPlus1

Adds wine barrel to ferment different foods into drinks.

Pie screenshot
Pie by TenPlus1

Add cakes to MInetest

Pumpkin Pies screenshot
Pumpkin Pies by spicemines

Adds various recipes for making pumpkin pies.

Bees screenshot
Bees by TenPlus1

This mod adds bees and beehives into minetest

Foodblocks screenshot
Foodblocks by Blockhead

Solid cubes of food for mass storage or building.

Teleport Carrot screenshot
Teleport Carrot by j45

This mod is adds a craftable, eatable item that has a 1 in 10 chance of teleporting you to a nearby location.

Bread screenshot
Bread by Lahusen

Just my favourite bread recipes

Drinks screenshot
Drinks by Nathan.S

Adds a juice press and two juice storage containers.

Soup screenshot
Soup by justsoup

A mod that adds a few new food items.

Sugar screenshot
Sugar by X17

Adds eatable sugar made of papyrus and a sugar block

Snow Cones screenshot
Snow Cones by GreenXenith

Some simple flavored snow cones.

Technic Farming screenshot
Technic Farming by ademant

The technic farming modpack extends the technic modpack game with new machines for farming.

Lookup Tool screenshot
Lookup Tool by Wuzzy

Adds a tool which shows help entries about almost anything which it punches.

Chat Logger screenshot
Chat Logger by Flay Krunegan

Allows players to view the last 100 chat messages, also allows you to search for keywords

inventory ores screenshot
inventory ores by fluxionary

shows where to find ores in an inventory manager.

Encyclopedia screenshot
Encyclopedia by Wuzzy

Adds an encyclopedia item which allows you to access the help.

Basic help screenshot
Basic help by Wuzzy

Adds some help texts explaining how to use Minetest.

Ore Info screenshot
Ore Info by TwigGlenn4

Show ore depth and rarity.

Personal Bookmarks screenshot
Personal Bookmarks by AntumDeluge

Allows players to create a limited number of personal bookmarks to where they can teleport.

InvManager screenshot
InvManager by Zemtzov7

Allows to check and remove items from players' inventories

Moth screenshot
Moth by iarbat

Adds moths which can send messages (from Lord of the Rings)

newplayer screenshot
newplayer by cheapie

Yet another show-people-the-rules thing

Server News screenshot
Server News by Thresher

Shows players the server news when they log in

Modpol screenshot
Modpol by ntnsndr

Framework that enables diverse governance processes

Unified Inventory screenshot
Unified Inventory by RealBadAngel

Replaces the default inventory and adds a number of features, such as a crafting guide

Offhand Items screenshot
Offhand Items by TestificateMods

Lets you equip nodes and place them without switching tools

Fancy Vend screenshot
Fancy Vend by ChimneySwift

A full-featured, fully-integrated vendor mod for Minetest

Crafting Guide Plus screenshot
Crafting Guide Plus by random_geek

Adds an intuitive and full-featured craft guide with auto-crafting to the player's inventory.

sfinv screenshot
sfinv by rubenwardy

A cleaner, simpler solution to having an advanced inventory

Pickblock screenshot
Pickblock by ROllerozxa

Allows you to put the selected node in an empty slot of your hotbar when you're in creative mode.

Coolbar screenshot
Coolbar by luarocks

Automatic items management between inventory and hotbar.

Pixelart screenshot
Pixelart by Linuxdirk

This mod adds nodes for pixelart grouped in color palettes to Minetest

Engrave screenshot
Engrave by orwell

Adds an "Engraving Table" that allows to change the description of items

Tool Ranks screenshot
Tool Ranks by lisacvuk

Counts the number of nodes a specific tool has dug

SF Inv Home screenshot
SF Inv Home by TenPlus1

Adds HOME tab to SF Inventory to set and go to player home point

Smart Inventory screenshot
Smart Inventory by bell07

A fast player inventory with focus on a many number of items and big screens

Dais Ex Machina screenshot
Dais Ex Machina by Warr1024

An other-worldly platform to preserve some of your stuff across map resets for NodeCore

3D Armor Mobile screenshot
3D Armor Mobile by LandarVargan

Adds a command to bring up a formspec that allows mobile users to put on armor

Prestibags screenshot
Prestibags by prestidigitator

Prestibags are simple bags that act like chests you can pick up.

Chest Tools screenshot
Chest Tools by Sokomine

Shared locked chests with bag support and quick inventory access

Trading screenshot
Trading by ROllerozxa

Trade items with other players.

Livetools screenshot
Livetools by AiTechEye

Craft tools which have a life of their own - they can fight, dig, or place for you

Beamer screenshot
Beamer by Clyde

Beam items or nodes from your inventory to the inventory of your friend.

Item Limit screenshot
Item Limit by LMD

Limits the amount of items of certain types in player inventories

Advanced Keys screenshot
Advanced Keys by Lejo

Replaces the Skeleton Key with one with multiple chests.

Envelopes screenshot
Envelopes by archfan7411

Write and address an envelope to another player!

Biofuel screenshot
Biofuel by Lokrates

Produce biofuel from unused plants.

Basic Materials and items screenshot
Basic Materials and items by mt-mods

Provides a small selection of "basic" materials and items that other mods should use when possible -- things like steel bars and chains, wire, plastic strips and sheets, and more.

Maidroid NG screenshot
Maidroid NG by mazes

Inspired by littleMaidMob from another voxel game, it provides maid robots called "maidroid".

Simple Recycle screenshot
Simple Recycle by Jolesh

This adds the possibility to recycle items and nodes by smelting or decrafting them back to their original resources.

TechPack screenshot
TechPack by joe7575

A Mining, Crafting, & Farming Modpack for Minetest

SpawnCraft screenshot
SpawnCraft by ThePython10110

Adds crafting recipes for spawners and spawn eggs to MineClone

De Nenio screenshot
De Nenio by Jolesh

Adds possibilities to get items normally unobtainable in skyblock through new mechanics and objects

Craft Lookup screenshot
Craft Lookup by ForbiddenJ

Provides you with a way to lookup recipes to make items.

Dirtcraft screenshot
Dirtcraft by dayer4b

Adds automatic crafting recipes for making most kinds of dirt

Technic Elepower Compatibility screenshot
Technic Elepower Compatibility by DumbDave961

Elepower recipes for Technic machines. Technic recipes for Elepower machines. A new converter connects Technic cables to Elepower conduits when enabled.

Stairs Recycle screenshot
Stairs Recycle by DumbDave961

Turn stairs into ingots, slabs, or different stairs. Smelt cobble stairs into stone stairs. Highly recommended for Oneblock survival. Based on Simple Recycle by Jolesh.

Tool Enhancement screenshot
Tool Enhancement by archfan7411

Allows players to enhance their tools through mese infusion

Macro Crafting Manager screenshot
Macro Crafting Manager by sorcerykid

Macro Crafting Manager provides a streamlined drag-and-drop interface for dividing and arranging item stacks within the craft-grid

Decraft screenshot
Decraft by iarbat

De-craft items with the decrafting workbench.

Gizmo's Of Carbon Machinations screenshot
Gizmo's Of Carbon Machinations by ThatGhzGamer

Adds various charcoal related items such as a Marvelous Hammer to Compress things, New Gear, New Diamonds, Charcoal and Willow Charcoal.

Ben's Gear screenshot
Ben's Gear by MissingTextureMan101

Attach tool parts to create new tools and add a whole new layer of strategy to your tool crafting!

Sticks Stones screenshot
Sticks Stones by MikeRedwood

Makes Sticks from leaves and scatters small stones

Lock Workshop screenshot
Lock Workshop by LRV

This mod removes the crafts for locked and shared nodes and makes them craftable in the lock workshop via their unlocked/locked counterpart and a lock.

Dye Mixer screenshot
Dye Mixer by LRV

This mod removes the mixes of dyes and the crafting recipes that allow you to dye wool and make them craftable in the Dye Mixer.

NonUseless screenshot
NonUseless by

Adds more crafting Recipes to make useless Items more useful

Chakram screenshot
Chakram by AiTechEye

Chakram: weapon & tool at same time

Upgrade Packs screenshot
Upgrade Packs by Krock

Provides craftable packs to players to increase their health and breath

Bows screenshot
Bows by AiTechEye

A easy bow mod with arrows

Tntrun screenshot
Tntrun by debiankaios

A spleef minigame

Troll screenshot
Troll by ROllerozxa

Troll your friends and foes nicely!

Gauges screenshot
Gauges by Calinou

Adds health and breath gauges above players.

Knives screenshot
Knives by ApolloX

Adds various knives with extreme damage

Ptracker screenshot
Ptracker by Jo5629_

Track a friend or an enemy with this item.

Fakery screenshot
Fakery by iarbat

Adds counterfeit diamonds and other fake precious materials.

Blink screenshot
Blink by 0siribix

Short distance teleport

Protector Redo screenshot
Protector Redo by TenPlus1

Lets players craft special blocks to protect their builds or disable PVP in areas.

Knockback screenshot
Knockback by LandarVargan

Adds knockback for pre-5.1 Minetest clients without using entities

Animalia screenshot
Animalia by ElCeejo

Brings a plethora of wildlife and expands exploration

Dmobs screenshot
Dmobs by TenPlus1

Release many new Dragons, Monsters and Animals into your world.

Mobs NPC screenshot
Mobs NPC by TenPlus1

Adds simple NPC and Trader.

Goblins screenshot
Goblins by FreeLikeGNU

(Respectfully) Destructive! Goblin NPCs burrow underground, build lairs, set traps and cultivate foodstuffs. They like to steal torches!

Wildlife screenshot
Wildlife by Termos

Adds some wild animals that interact with each other.

Witches screenshot
Witches by FreeLikeGNU

Helpful and unique witches inhabit the land adding a magical touch and interact with player! Work in progress, but playable!

Spawners screenshot
Spawners by SaKeL

Adds spawners for mobs, dungeons, temples and ores.

Simple Dialogs screenshot
Simple Dialogs by Kilarin

Simple Dialogs allows you to add dialogs for npcs and other entities, controlled by an in game text file.

Hardcore Farming screenshot
Hardcore Farming by Neuromancer

Makes farming a hardcore challenge by adding very hungry pests. Can you overcome them or will they defeat you?

Nether Mobs screenshot
Nether Mobs by Dirkfried

Add monsters and dragons to your nether world.

XConnected screenshot
XConnected by Sokomine

connected nodes like xpanes, xfences, walls

Gates (wider) screenshot
Gates (wider) by Sokomine

Wide gates for easy walking through and keeping cattle inside

Sneeker screenshot
Sneeker by AntumDeluge

An explosive nuisance.

Tortou screenshot
Tortou by LibraSubtilis

Turtle graphics, hyperloop travelingsystem and cubic mobs.

Bonemeal screenshot
Bonemeal by TenPlus1

Adds bone and bonemeal giving the ability to quickly grow plants and saplings.

Cottages screenshot
Cottages by Sokomine

Build medieval cottages with furniture, window shutters and roofs, thresh your wheat, repair your tools.

Flowerpot screenshot
Flowerpot by sofar

A stylish flowerpot that can contain most plants.

Lumberjack screenshot
Lumberjack by joe7575

Chop down the entire tree by removing the bottom piece of the tree trunk.

Hyperloop screenshot
Hyperloop by joe7575

Allows building of tubes to let players travel from point point in seconds (900 km/h)

Crops screenshot
Crops by sofar

This mod expands the basic set of farming-related crops that minetest_game offers.

Worm Farm screenshot
Worm Farm by sirrobzeroone

Adds a way for worms to be cultivated for fishing - designed for use with Ethereal

Hedges screenshot
Hedges by Shara

Adds connected hedges that that can be crafted from leaves.

Multiplant screenshot
Multiplant by Firefall

Grow Multiplants and get a random seed or flower!

Soil Weeded screenshot
Soil Weeded by josegamestest

Leaves the soil finer after clearing

Composting screenshot
Composting by SFENCE

Compost and composter machines. Mix dirt with compost to get garden soil. Plants from farming/farming redo/hades_extrafarming grows faster on garden soil. Hades Revisited is supported.

Scythes & Sickles screenshot
Scythes & Sickles by TestificateMods

Adds scythes and sickles with unique applications for farming

Potted Farming screenshot
Potted Farming by Annalysa

A new way to farm in pots herbs, mushrooms and regrow fruits on small trees.

The Composter screenshot
The Composter by Dino0815

Adds a composter to make dirt out of your leaves.

Valleys Mapgen screenshot
Valleys Mapgen by Gaël de Sailly

A map generator with valleys, rivers, mountains and many plants.

Watering Can screenshot
Watering Can by SFENCE

A watering can to wetten soil. Support for Hades Revisited. Supported by composting.

Wet Mud screenshot
Wet Mud by Nicu

Hydrates farmland without using water directly

Hemp mod  screenshot
Hemp mod by ulla

Hemp with all possible utility see | La canapa e tutti i suoi usi guardare il

Edit screenshot
Edit by Johannes Fritz

Allows copying, pasting, filling, deleting, replacing and saving 3D areas

Tunnelmaker screenshot
Tunnelmaker by kestral

Easily create arbitrarily curved tunnels, paths, and bridges.

Map Tools screenshot
Map Tools by Calinou

Adds various special versions of normal blocks, tools, and other map maintainer tools.

challenge screenshot
challenge by josegamestest

challenges to create route challenges or to train flight

Minetest Game Plus screenshot
Minetest Game Plus by Wuzzy

Adds various simple decorative blocks, doors, panes and other items, focusing on snow, ice, luxury, bamboo and more.

Epidermis screenshot
Epidermis by LMD

Live in-game skin editing! Upload & download to & from SkinDB!

Flyspeed screenshot
Flyspeed by ROllerozxa

Fine grained control over your flight speed.

Windmill screenshot
Windmill by Sokomine

Rotating sails and rotor blades for classic and modern windmills.

Simple Roads screenshot
Simple Roads by ROllerozxa

Simple and generic nodes with road markings, for building road networks.

Invisiblocks screenshot
Invisiblocks by TenPlus1

Add invisible barrier, light and mob wall into game with new tool

Voxelizer screenshot
Voxelizer by LMD

Turns 3D models into astonishing voxel builds.

Cups screenshot
Cups by Wuzzy

Decorative cups.

Colorscreens screenshot
Colorscreens by DELTA_FORCE

Decorations that can also be used as an actual greenscreen or other colorscreen.

Greenscreen screenshot
Greenscreen by ROllerozxa

Brightly coloured nodes for chroma-keying. (greenscreens)

Creative for NodeCore screenshot
Creative for NodeCore by Warr1024

"Creative mode" for NodeCore: adds a rc_reative priv, /rs chat command, and "replica" nodes.

HopCheat screenshot
HopCheat by Warr1024

Cheat commands for ColourHop

Pronouns screenshot
Pronouns by prestidigitator

Allows players to set displayed and queryable pronouns for themselves.

book_runner screenshot
book_runner by fluxionary

run a command and put the output in a book

Drop Blacklisted screenshot
Drop Blacklisted by uyku

"Don't add the specified drop(s) to the inventory when digging"

Remove Unknowns screenshot
Remove Unknowns by Clyde

A small tool to help you clean up your world of unknown-blocks.

Boosts screenshot
Boosts by activivan

Adds boosts, technically temporarily granted privileges.

Essentials screenshot
Essentials by SkyBuilder1717

Adds a lot of helpful commands for your server

Filter screenshot
Filter by sofar

A chat filter for servers, to warn/kick/ban on swearing

Clean Chat screenshot
Clean Chat by MineTestDad

Parents wish to protect their children from possibly harmful words in chat. This allows them to maintain a list per player, which the parents in lieu of their children can extend by themselves.

Chat Visual screenshot
Chat Visual by Itz-Noah

Need a way to distinguish between staff and players?

Chat Anticurse screenshot
Chat Anticurse by lag01

Kick player out when they type a curse word in chat or using /me or /msg command.

Public Tp screenshot
Public Tp by Impulse

Allows players to create, manage and use public teleport places.

DTools screenshot
DTools by EISHU

this gives tools for developers

Guilds screenshot
Guilds by RisingLeaf

Adds a very basic guild system.

LocalChat screenshot
LocalChat by qPexLegendary

Adds local and global chat

Chat3 screenshot
Chat3 by octacian

Makes chat on a populated server much easier to understand and keep up with.

Notices screenshot
Notices by LandarVargan

Adds chatcommands server staff can use for announcements

Blacklist Name screenshot
Blacklist Name by ANAND

Blacklist offensive names, forcing players to join with different names.

Player Status screenshot
Player Status by Thresher

Allows you to set and get the in-game status of players

Chat History screenshot
Chat History by sorcerykid

Interactive chat history viewer with a variety of message filtering options

Web chat screenshot
Web chat by seckl

Makes the in-game chat accessible through a web browser.

Msg Color screenshot
Msg Color by cj_clippy

Add colored chat messages to your server.

Pos Marker screenshot
Pos Marker by 1F616EMO

Add markers that can set and get via chatcommand.

CStrict screenshot
CStrict by EISHU

This gives protection in chat from bad persons, from cursing & swearing

Chat2 screenshot
Chat2 by lag01

Complements game built-in chat or replaces it.

DoAs screenshot
DoAs by Zemtzov7

Execute commands on behalf of another player

Copy From Chest screenshot
Copy From Chest by zeronumbers

Adds server command copy-from-chest that copies items from chest at x y z to player.

Block / Unblock users screenshot
Block / Unblock users by jesuistitus

The "Block / Unblock users" allows players to block and unblock messages from other players in the chat.

PlayerInfo screenshot
PlayerInfo by niwla23

Players can set their info and others can see it

Simple Airship (sum) screenshot
Simple Airship (sum) by Sumianvoice

Adds a simple airship for getting around the floatlands. Also optionally uses air currents.

Advanced Trains screenshot
Advanced Trains by orwell

Adds good-looking, realistic trains with realistic rails.

Pipeworks screenshot
Pipeworks by mt-mods

Supplies a complete set of nice, round mesh-based water pipes, boxy item-transport tubes, and devices that work with them.

Laptop screenshot
Laptop by GamingAssociation39

Adds laptops/computers to your MT world.

Technic screenshot
Technic by RealBadAngel

Extensive machinery mod with electricity and ores.

Hopper screenshot
Hopper by FaceDeer

Adds hoppers to transport items between chests/furnace etc.

Technic Plus screenshot
Technic Plus by mt-mods

Technic fork with focus on features and stability

Advtrains Basic Trains screenshot
Advtrains Basic Trains by orwell

Collection of basic trains for the Advanced Trains mod. Formerly included in main advtrains modpack (until 2.3.0)

Tardis screenshot
Tardis by iarbat

Adds a functioning space-time machine from the tv show doctor who.

Digiterms screenshot
Digiterms by mt-mods

8bits style monitor and keyboards using digilines

Powerbanks screenshot
Powerbanks by OgelGames

Adds portable powerbanks used to charge technic tools

Microexpansion screenshot
Microexpansion by theFox

A storage managing solution to get an overview over all your items.

Digicontrol screenshot
Digicontrol by OgelGames

Adds nodes to control the flow of digiline messages

Elektron screenshot
Elektron by BigBear

Electricity-like power and devices

MicuPack screenshot
MicuPack by micu

Various devices and machines for experienced miners and TechPack engineers.

Inspect Tool screenshot
Inspect Tool by SFENCE

Inspect tool to show some info about nodes which support inspection.

Mesecons Extended screenshot
Mesecons Extended by marek

Adds Latch, Flipflop, tools for automatic wireing, 3-input gates etc.

Mese Portals screenshot
Mese Portals by mt-mods

A futuristic multiplayer transportation system

Mesecons Windows screenshot
Mesecons Windows by Wuzzy

Adds 3 glass blocks which change their transparency when supplied with Mesecons power.

Hopper screenshot
Hopper by TenPlus1

Adds hoppers to transport items between chests/furnace etc.

LWComponents screenshot
LWComponents by loosewheel

Various components for mesecons and digilines.

LED Marquee screenshot
LED Marquee by mt-mods

Provides a simple LED marquee that accepts single characters, strings, or whole screen-fulls of text, via Digilines.

Datacards screenshot
Datacards by 1F616EMO

Portable data storage for Digilines

Technic Recipes screenshot
Technic Recipes by alerikaisattera

Extra recipes for processing various items with Technic machines

Mesecons for Hades Revisited screenshot
Mesecons for Hades Revisited by SFENCE

Adds digital circuitry, including wires, buttons, lights, and even programmable controllers for Hades Revisited.

More Fuels screenshot
More Fuels by pl608

Adds a few new fuels for use in furnaces such as gasoline and petrolium

Compactor screenshot
Compactor by alerikaisattera

A Technic based machine for converting certain items into more compact forms

Nixie Tubes screenshot
Nixie Tubes by mt-mods

Provides a set of classic numeric Nixie tubes, alphanumeric tubes similar to Burroughs B-7971, and Dekatron tubes, all controlled by Digilines.

LTC-4000E screenshot
LTC-4000E by cheapie

Advanced traffic signal controller

Nodecore Luxgate screenshot
Nodecore Luxgate by Avicennia_g

A simple attempt at adding craftable portals called "Luxgates" to nodecore.

Frames screenshot
Frames by opfromthestart

Frames from Technic since it was removed.

HTTPBlocks screenshot
HTTPBlocks by 56independent

This mod adds a simple HTTP request device for digilines.

Luablock screenshot
Luablock by LC Creations

Adds blocks that can execute lua code. Admin purposes only.

Liteworks screenshot
Liteworks by alerikaisattera

Devices for item transport

Stasis screenshot
Stasis by Luke

Allows players to be put in stasis.

Chair lift screenshot
Chair lift by SFENCE

Add craftable and usable chair lift. TIPS: Use gearbox, grease parts (hemp oil), check grease with inspect tool, combine more engines...

Super Cub screenshot
Super Cub by APercy

Adds a craftable Super Cub airplane

Bike screenshot
Bike by Hume2

Adds a rideable bike with animations and extensive colors.

Enderpearl screenshot
Enderpearl by giov4

Throwable item that teleports you to the place it hit for some HPs

Realtime Elevator screenshot
Realtime Elevator by shacknetisp

Smooth entity-based elevators used for vertical transport without teleportation

Vehicles screenshot
Vehicles by D00Med

A mod that adds an api for cars, planes, and other vehicles.

Demoiselle screenshot
Demoiselle by APercy

Adds a Demoiselle, an historical airplane

PA28 screenshot
PA28 by APercy

Adds a craftable PA28

Ju52 screenshot
Ju52 by APercy

Adds a Ju52 airplane

Streets screenshot
Streets by webdesigner97

Adds modern roads to Minetest.

Teleport Potion screenshot
Teleport Potion by TenPlus1

Adds craftable teleport potions (throwable) and teleport pads.

Minecart screenshot
Minecart by joe7575

Minecart, the lean railway transportation automation system

Random Teleport screenshot
Random Teleport by Droog71

Allows players to teleport to a random location using the /rtp command.

Travelnet screenshot
Travelnet by mt-mods

Network of teleporter-boxes that allows easy travelling to other boxes on the same network.

Flight screenshot
Flight by Amaz

Adds three different methods of flying, wings, jetpacks and flying carpets.

Subways screenshot
Subways by Sylvester Kruin

Nice subways for Advanced Trains (advtrains)

Elevators screenshot
Elevators by Herkules

Adds an elevator and elevatorrails.

Teleporter Pads screenshot
Teleporter Pads by entuland

A simple but powerful pad to create teleporting networks

Worldgate screenshot
Worldgate by EmptyStar

Randomly generated teleportation network that can teleport players between gates throughout the world

Jumpdrive screenshot
Jumpdrive by mt-mods

Take your buildings with you on your journey.

Boost Cart screenshot
Boost Cart by Krock

This mod offers improved minecarts and a few more rail types.

Hang Glider screenshot
Hang Glider by mt-mods

Adds a functional hang glider for exploring

Climb Glove screenshot
Climb Glove by ApolloX

A magic glove which allows you to punch nodes to travel vertically.

Parachute (sum) screenshot
Parachute (sum) by Sumianvoice

Adds parachutes. These are reusable but require you to craft to pack the parachute into your bag.

Hovercrafts screenshot
Hovercrafts by AntumDeluge

A fun alternative mode of transport.

Disco trains screenshot
Disco trains by sivarajansam

Adds colorful subway trains to advanced trains

LWRoad_Tracks screenshot
LWRoad_Tracks by loosewheel

Cars and road tracks (function similar to rail carts).

Tieless Tracks screenshot
Tieless Tracks by Sylvester Kruin

Tracks without crossties for Advanced Trains (advtrains) that can be used on streets and other related things

Mesecar screenshot
Mesecar by paramat

Adds 4 styles of microcar: Car55, Nyancart, Mesecar and Oerkka.

Spawn Command screenshot
Spawn Command by lag01

Adds a /spawn command that teleports you to the server spawn command.

Telemosaic screenshot
Telemosaic by mt-mods

A Minetest mod for user-generated teleportation pads.

Roads screenshot
Roads by cheapie

Advanced modern road infastructure (fork)

Teleport Request screenshot
Teleport Request by Traxie21

Allows players to send a request to other players to teleport to them. Includes many more teleporting features.

Warps screenshot
Warps by sofar

Warp locations and warp stones (portal stones)

Respawn screenshot
Respawn by cronvel

Manage respawn points, interesting places, teleportation and death records

Televator screenshot
Televator by NoctisLabs

Simple lag-free teleporting elevators.

Portal Rail screenshot
Portal Rail by BigBear

Minecart rail that teleports exactly 500m in direction of travel

Translocator screenshot
Translocator by Zemtzov7

Teleportation tool inspired by Unreal Tournament 2004

Movement Essentials screenshot
Movement Essentials by Daniel

Adds umbrella for slow fall (hang gliders), consume mese crystal to recall (return to spawn), and throw fragments to teleport.

Death Position screenshot
Death Position by DiamondPlane

Adds a command to return back to position where you died

CCompass screenshot
CCompass by bell07

Adds a calibratable compass to the minetest

AutoClimb screenshot
AutoClimb by MrDraxs

Adds autoclimb, idea by mrdraxs and code by ( FatalError, once again seasoned ) and ( ElCeejo ).

Meseport screenshot
Meseport by ForbiddenJ

Allows for the creation of Meseportation systems.

Subspacewalker screenshot
Subspacewalker by bell07

Go trough walls, rock or lava using Subspace Walker tool

Breadcrumbs screenshot
Breadcrumbs by FaceDeer

Path marker signs for use when exploring a twisty maze of passages that are all alike.

Copper Rails screenshot
Copper Rails by AwesomeDragon97

Adds a new directional rail made from copper and mese crystals.

Auto-Trek screenshot
Auto-Trek by Warr1024

Automatic long-distance walking via assisted auto-forward

Spawnarea screenshot
Spawnarea by Casimir

Players spawn and respawn within an area around the center of active players.

Antipyre screenshot
Antipyre by Warr1024

Safety net against falling off your island

Vehicle Mash screenshot
Vehicle Mash by Panquesito7

Adds many types of vehicles: cars, boats, hovercrafts and more.

Britsignals screenshot
Britsignals by 56independent

Adds british-inspired signs and signals

RPG16 screenshot
RPG16 by Hugues Ross

A simple texturepack reminiscent of classic RPGs

Less Dirt screenshot
Less Dirt by DrFrankenstone

Adjusts textures so rolling hills have less exposed bare dirt.

REFI Textures screenshot
REFI Textures by MysticTempest

16px - Attempts to recapture the aesthetic of Minecraft, while improving upon visibility.

SimplePixel screenshot
SimplePixel by StarNinjas

SimplePixel is a texturepack, inspired by on MC Promo Art/Barebones Texturepack. This texturepack is simple, yet elegant.

defaultpack Remastered screenshot
defaultpack Remastered by tinneh

~Remastered version of the Minetest Game default texture pack – aims for a smoother and realistic look

Miner 16px screenshot
Miner 16px by WINNIE

An easy comfortable 16px texture pack

Techage Reskin screenshot
Techage Reskin by GefTau

Applies to the Techage Modpack, changing most of its textures to 16px and a different visual style.

MTUOTP screenshot
MTUOTP by GamingAssociation39

A new fresh texture pack to replace the old one.

WinterCore screenshot
WinterCore by Winter94

A stark and detailed texture pack for NodeCore

Aephorus screenshot
Aephorus by Vultus Glass

Simple, pixelish, cartoonish and vibrant texture pack.

Skycornpack v1 screenshot
Skycornpack v1 by Skyisblue

Here i want to release my first pack : The Skycornpack v1. It's a simple 16p edit.

Nice Realistic screenshot
Nice Realistic by Richard_Try

Realism striving texturepack, that maintains 16px nice style

Default LS screenshot
Default LS by TumeniNodes

The default TP for Minetest Game, using reduced saturation

Cosmic Tranquility screenshot
Cosmic Tranquility by s20

Bringing out the colors of the cosmos and some quirky modifications (including Capture the Flag game changes)! (WIP)

Ambiguity screenshot
Ambiguity by TumeniNodes

The default TP for Minetest Game, using greyscale

Default Grid screenshot
Default Grid by kestral

Add grid overlay to MT Game 5.0 default textures.

Wield3D screenshot
Wield3D by stu

See the items other players are holding

Skygen v2 screenshot
Skygen v2 by the_raven_262

Adds the biome adaptive sky, sky-changing server-wide events and a skybox frontend.

Areas screenshot
Areas by ShadowNinja

Areas is a advanced area protection mod based on node_ownership.

Doors Redo screenshot
Doors Redo by TenPlus1

Doors mod with lock tool to open, lock or protect any registered door.

Simple protection screenshot
Simple protection by Krock

Minetest fixed-grid quadratic area protection mod with graphical area "minimap"

Whiter List screenshot
Whiter List by AntumDeluge

Restrict server access to only whitelisted players

Tell screenshot
Tell by octacian

Message offline players

Parties screenshot
Parties by Zughy

Team up with your friends and create a party!

AFK Kick screenshot
AFK Kick by GunshipPenguin

Kick players who do not move for a while

BetterPM screenshot
BetterPM by SonoMichele

Improves private messages and makes them more customizable

Last Login Signs screenshot
Last Login Signs by fgaz

Adds signs that show the last login of players that right-clicked them

PM Plus screenshot
PM Plus by LandarVargan

Colors Private messages in chat and plays a notification sound to players that are messaged

Troll screenshot
Troll by niwla23

This adds a lot of commands to troll! Its ver WIP

Kick voting screenshot
Kick voting by lag01

Allow players to vote to make life of selected griefers and especially agressive players harder.

Reportlist screenshot
Reportlist by Lejo

A Report System to manage player reporting use /reportlist to view reports

Emote screenshot
Emote by sofar

Provides player emotes and an api to make the player model sit, lie down and perform other actions.

Fsc screenshot
Fsc by sofar

Easier method for creating better and more secure formspecs.

Ham Radio screenshot
Ham Radio by techniX

Radio transmitters, beacons, and receivers

Invisible screenshot
Invisible by AiTechEye

Hide nametag while sneaking, or invisible

Spectator Mode screenshot
Spectator Mode by jp

A mod for Minetest allowing you to watch other players in their 3rd person view.

Markers screenshot
Markers by Sokomine

Easy interface (GUI) for the areas/advanced_areas protection mod

TP Gate screenshot
TP Gate by AiTechEye

Teleport through the gate

Kick Vote screenshot
Kick Vote by rubenwardy

Adds kick voting using the vote API

Chat translate screenshot
Chat translate by ksandr

Adds commands to translate chat messages into the recipient's language.

Temp Privs screenshot
Temp Privs by ChimneySwift

Overwrites the default grant, grantme and revoke chatcommands to add revoke or grant expiration.

Interact screenshot
Interact by Amaz

A mod that gives the interact priv to players who want it and who have agreed to the rules.

Offline Phantoms screenshot
Offline Phantoms by Kimapr

Players leave "phantoms" when leaving; other players can take items from those

Auth Redux Lite screenshot
Auth Redux Lite by sorcerykid

Robust and lightweight authentication handler for use on servers

Trophies screenshot
Trophies by sorcerykid

Showcase player achievements with a personalized gold cup

OTP screenshot
OTP by mt-mods

(T)OTP Verification for player accounts

Caps Alert screenshot
Caps Alert by ANAND

Catches chat messages with all-caps and warns / kicks players.

Protector Redux screenshot
Protector Redux by sorcerykid

An efficient and flexible node-based protection scheme for multiplayer worlds

Send Stack screenshot
Send Stack by ChimneySwift

Adds a command to send the stack you are holding to another player (requires ban priv)

@-Chat screenshot
@-Chat by orwell

Adds an alternative Private Message (PM) system

GiftBox screenshot
GiftBox by sorcerykid

An assortment user-customizable presents for special occasions

Pride Flags screenshot
Pride Flags by Wuzzy

Adds a variety of animated flags to celebrate Pride

Bushy Leaves screenshot
Bushy Leaves by erlehmann

Makes leaves render bushy instead of boxy.

Paintings Library screenshot
Paintings Library by JoeEnderman

A simple paintings library for MTG and potentially others in future.

Glass screenshot
Glass by AntumDeluge

Enhances default glass to make it colorable.

doorbell screenshot
doorbell by Miniontoby

A doorbell mod with sound

3D Armor screenshot
3D Armor by stu

Visible player armor & wielded items.

Anvil screenshot
Anvil by FaceDeer

Hammer and anvil for repairing tools

Lava Stuff screenshot
Lava Stuff by LandarVargan

Adds lava armor, tools, and blocks

3D Armor Flyswim screenshot
3D Armor Flyswim by sirrobzeroone

Adds Flying and Swimming animations to base character model for 3d_armor

TNT Revamped screenshot
TNT Revamped by Coder12

Overrides the TNT mod to make it more like mc TNT.

Hammermod screenshot
Hammermod by cultom

Adds a steel hammer which allows to dig 3x3.

Trash Can screenshot
Trash Can by Evergreen

Adds a wooden trash can, and a dumpster to the game.

Woodcutting screenshot
Woodcutting by bell07

Mine the first tree node from a tree while the sneak key is pressed to start the woodcutting process.

Nuke Mod screenshot
Nuke Mod by sfan5

Additional types of TNT for all your explosive needs.

Vein Miner screenshot
Vein Miner by QuoteNat

Automatically mines ore veins and trees while sneaking

OverPowered screenshot
OverPowered by AidanLCB

Adds super overpowered and expensive endgame tools, armor, weapons, and blocks

Bows screenshot
Bows by TenPlus1

Adds bows and arrows to game. Fork of the mod by AiTechEye

Headlamp screenshot
Headlamp by OgelGames

Adds a headlamp that can be worn as armor, providing a bright light source

Airtanks screenshot
Airtanks by FaceDeer

Provides pressurized air tanks for extended underwater excursions

Orienteering screenshot
Orienteering by Wuzzy

A collection of tools to help you orient yourselves in the world, such as compass, altimeter, etc.

Cement screenshot
Cement by Linuxdirk

A craftable and “makeable“ cement blocks for Minetest Game

TreeCapitator screenshot
TreeCapitator by Hybrid Dog

It works like the timber mod but it destroys the leaves and the fruits, too.

Good Torch screenshot
Good Torch by LissoBone

Merely a flashlight that uses ray casting.

Pigiron screenshot
Pigiron by TenPlus1

Adds pig iron ingots which need to be crafted to make steel, also blocks and stairs.

Flamethrower screenshot
Flamethrower by Jeija

Adds a flamethrower using particles. It makes things burn and scorches grass; does not cause damage to any object.

Basic Grenades screenshot
Basic Grenades by LandarVargan

Adds some basic grenades using the grenades API

Pick Axe Tweaks screenshot
Pick Axe Tweaks by mt-mods

Adds the ability for pick axes to place light nodes on right click

Castle Weapons screenshot
Castle Weapons by FaceDeer

Provides several medieval weapons for use around castles

Spyglass screenshot
Spyglass by StarNinjas

Adds the ability to zoom in via a Spyglass

Painted 3D Armor screenshot
Painted 3D Armor by Beerholder

Adds banners to your armor, either painted using the painting mod or created using the banners mod

Handholds Redo screenshot
Handholds Redo by TestificateMods

Adds additional functionality to pickaxes as a climbing tool

MultiHome screenshot
MultiHome by octacian

Allows setting a configurable number of home points in a world.

Handholds screenshot
Handholds by Shara

Adds a climbing pick which creates handholds in stone, desert stone, sandstones and ice nodes.

Stardust screenshot
Stardust by alerikaisattera

A mineral found at high altitude and items made with it

Simple Armor screenshot
Simple Armor by BigBear

Simple, flexible, easy to use armor with no dependancies

Powered Tools screenshot
Powered Tools by SFENCE

Tools powered by electric/combustion engine. Includes brush cutter and chainsaw.

Treasurer screenshot
Treasurer by Wuzzy

A framework to define and distribute random treasures into the world.

Climbing Pick screenshot
Climbing Pick by lag01

Tool to climb, double jump, and do good damage to mobs.

Rebreather screenshot
Rebreather by ApolloX

Breath underwater with this item in hand

Nextgen Compass screenshot
Nextgen Compass by StarNinjas

A compass item which points towards the world origin.

Dirty Shovels screenshot
Dirty Shovels by SmokeyDope

Give shovels the ability to turn paths back to dirt on right-click.

Slingshot screenshot
Slingshot by AntumDeluge

Slingshots that can throw inventory items as ammunition.

Multitools screenshot
Multitools by ChimneySwift

Adds a series of multi-purpose tools to Minetest

Cave Tools screenshot
Cave Tools by kestral

A collection of tools that can be useful for exploring caves.

More Tools screenshot
More Tools by SFENCE

Add more variant of screwdriver and shears (if vines is enabled). Add garden trowel tool if composting is enabled.

Shifter Tool screenshot
Shifter Tool by jwmhjwmh

Adds a tool for moving nodes as pistons would

Light Tool screenshot
Light Tool by Extex

Adds a tool and api that creates beams of light

replacer (flux's redo) screenshot
replacer (flux's redo) by fluxionary

provides a node replacement tool and a node inspection tool. slightly different than the other replacer variants.

Point Teleporter screenshot
Point Teleporter by Wuzzy

Adds a short-distance teleportation device which allows the user to instantly change the position in front of a pointed node.

Multitool Mod screenshot
Multitool Mod by thediamondlego

Adds a new tool that does the job of all the other tools(except hoe and screwdriver). Also has bouble the durability of a diamond tool!

Wonderpick screenshot
Wonderpick by LandarVargan

Adds a pickaxe that can dig almost any block

Sling screenshot
Sling by tacotexmex

Sling enables item stack and single item throwing of any item.

Item Snatcher screenshot
Item Snatcher by TestificateMods

Makes the apple snatcher from Wuzzy's tutorial game available as a standalone item.

Scraps screenshot
Scraps by Goops

Allows to recycle metal tools

Blueprints screenshot
Blueprints by Luke

Allows Minetest players to easily copy+paste nodes.

Metatool screenshot
Metatool by SX

Provides API to register node metadata tools along with few useful tools

Mover screenshot
Mover by ChimneySwift

Adds a tool that makes moving nodes containing metadata such as chests and protection blocks extremely simple.

Sounding Line screenshot
Sounding Line by FaceDeer

A tool for determining the depth of water or the depth of a hole.

Lakemaker Mod screenshot
Lakemaker Mod by sunnysideup

A TNT block that makes lakes/bodies of water.

Goo screenshot
Goo by Juninhoror

Adds goo ore and tools made out of goo

Void Totem screenshot
Void Totem by MineClone2 Mods

A totem that prevents you from dying in the void.

Randomizer screenshot
Randomizer by NO11

A survival challenge. Try to survive in a randomized world.

Colorful Beds screenshot
Colorful Beds by Tarruvi

Adds the other 14 colors to the simple and fancy beds

Yolo screenshot
Yolo by sofar

You Only Live Once - AKA hardcore/permadeath mode - death is permanent.

Skygrid screenshot
Skygrid by ROllerozxa

Custom skygrid mapgen.

Charcoal screenshot
Charcoal by X17

Make charcoal from trees and use this as fuel

Dense Ores screenshot
Dense Ores by benedict424

Adds rare ores with twice the drops of their normal counterpart.

Aether screenshot
Aether by iarbat

Adds a hard to obtain yet powerful substance called Aether.

Meze screenshot
Meze by Calinou

A special ore that kills you when mined.

Ropes screenshot
Ropes by FaceDeer

Adds rope boxes of various lengths and also rope ladders.

Real Torch screenshot
Real Torch by TenPlus1

Realistic torches that go out eventually and drop in water

Better Ice screenshot
Better Ice by TheFanne

Modifies ice so that it melts into water when broken, and will be melted by torches

Steel screenshot
Steel by mt-mods

Adds a range of steel materials that are recyclable.

NodeCore Lignite screenshot
NodeCore Lignite by Winter94

Adds Lignite, an ore of coal. Now outdated, please use NodeCore Coal instead. See Below.

Personal Log screenshot
Personal Log by FaceDeer

A personal log where players can track events and places

Spikes screenshot
Spikes by niwla23

Adds wooden, steel and titanium spikes.

Diggable Chests screenshot
Diggable Chests by Kimapr

makes chests, furnaces and such diggable even if not empty

Survival screenshot
Survival by Nathan.S

Adds several survival related items.

Lightdead screenshot
Lightdead by niwla23

Spawns a lightning over the dedposition of a player when he dies

Plastic Box screenshot
Plastic Box by Starbeamrainbowlabs

Adds a recolourable plastic box. Fork of @cheapie's version with improvements.

Fragments screenshot
Fragments by Amaz

A mapgen with a goal, with things needed to advance to the next level.

Hard Trees screenshot
Hard Trees by octacian

Require tools to break trees and introduce beginner-tier rock tools.

Death Timer screenshot
Death Timer by Coder12

This will force players to wait a specified amount of time on death.

Chat Filter screenshot
Chat Filter by xXNicoXx

Minetest Chat Filter a simple but usefull minetest chatfilter mod made by xXNicoXx

Falling Dirt screenshot
Falling Dirt by karlexceed

Makes dirt nodes fall just like sand and gravel.

NC Pebbles screenshot
NC Pebbles by Winter94

adds pebbles to NodeCore in order to simplify a few logical leaps and inconsistencies.

Medblocks screenshot
Medblocks by ApolloX

Provides a block which provides healing and feeding

Spawn Chunk screenshot
Spawn Chunk by ymte

Limits the player and its actions to the spawn chunk

Bed Lives screenshot
Bed Lives by lag01

Lose bed spawn point after spending 3 lives

Castles++ screenshot
Castles++ by philipbenr

This is a modpack all about creating castles and castle dungeons.

Morelights screenshot
Morelights by random_geek

Provides flexible interior and exterior lighting options for different styles of builds.

ts_furniture screenshot
ts_furniture by Thomas-S

Adds basic furniture (Chairs, Tables, Small Tables, Tiny Tables, Benches).

Facade screenshot
Facade by TumeniNodes

Adds decorative clay and stone-type nodes to Minetest Game.

ArtDeco screenshot
ArtDeco by TumeniNodes

This mod just adds some new building blocks to Minetest.

mymillwork screenshot
mymillwork by Don

Crown molding, columns and baseboards of different styles.

Magic Materials screenshot
Magic Materials by mt-mods

A mod providing common resources and shared magic system for modpacks like gadgets_modpack, bweapons_modpack, and possibly others

morelights_dim screenshot
morelights_dim by doxygen_spammer

Allows to turn morelights lights off or to dim them.

Bridger screenshot
Bridger by v-rob

Adds a large number of advanced nodes conducive to building large, industrial bridges.

C Doors screenshot
C Doors by TumeniNodes

Adds centered doors, and villa style windows to Minetest.

Angled Walls screenshot
Angled Walls by TumeniNodes

Angled & Sloped Walls, Angled Glass, & Angled Doors

ts_doors screenshot
ts_doors by Thomas-S

Adds doors for all kinds of wood.

Frame screenshot
Frame by sofar

A stylish item and node frame that causes no lag/server load.

Slats screenshot
Slats by v-rob

Adds decorative slats that have a lot of uses.

Timber Frame screenshot
Timber Frame by jbb

This mod adds timber-framed clay, bricks, cobble, stone and stone bricks to the game.

Morebricks screenshot
Morebricks by CalebJ

Adds an assortment of new bricks to build with.

Titanium screenshot
Titanium by Hybrid Dog

Adds titanium which is very strong and lasts for a long time.

Tomb Stones screenshot
Tomb Stones by Nathan.S

Adds many shapes and styles of tombstones.

GloopTest Pack screenshot
GloopTest Pack by GloopMaster

Adds a collection of things into minetest. As it stands, this adds three different modules.

Glow screenshot
Glow by Hybrid Dog

Adds glowing stone and lantern.

Castle Gates screenshot
Castle Gates by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castle gates and dungeons

Mydoors screenshot
Mydoors by Don

Adds several different style doors.

Castle Masonry screenshot
Castle Masonry by FaceDeer

This is a mod all about creating castles and castle dungeons.

Extra Doors screenshot
Extra Doors by sorcerykid

Extra Doors provides a range of interior and exterior doors for builders

Unifiedbricks screenshot
Unifiedbricks by wowiamdiamonds

This mod allows the user to re-color default bricks using Unified Dyes, and provides some pattern variations as well.

Banners screenshot
Banners by Anonymous_moose

Adds decorative banners in all colours of wool.

Beacons screenshot
Beacons by SpaghettiToastBook

Adds craftable beacons in several different colors.

Stained Glass screenshot
Stained Glass by andersje

Adds various stained glass blocks, originally by doyousketch2

Gloop Blocks screenshot
Gloop Blocks by mt-mods

Adds decorative and functional blocks, including cement, rainbow blocks, "evil" blocks, and tools.

Castle Tapestries screenshot
Castle Tapestries by FaceDeer

This is a mod for creating medieval tapestries, as found in castles

bridges screenshot
bridges by mt-mods

bridges....and auto bridges

pkarcs screenshot
pkarcs by TumeniNodes

Adds arched doors

Colored Blocks screenshot
Colored Blocks by sermow

Different colors of: stone, stone bricks, wood obsidian, and glass

Stoneworks screenshot
Stoneworks by TumeniNodes

Stoneworks simply adds some fun, and cool building options to Minetest.

Maple tree screenshot
Maple tree by Duvalon

Adds a maple tree placed during world generation.

Parcdeco screenshot
Parcdeco by Floatland

adds grass-like nodes that have flowers

Color Cubes screenshot
Color Cubes by Wuzzy

This mod contains several colorful abstract blocks for decoration.

Letters screenshot
Letters by Amaz

Adds a letter cutting tool with letter "signlike" nodes.

Kotatsu Tables screenshot
Kotatsu Tables by Piezo_

Adds a new piece of furniture based on Japanese kotatsu tables

Pink Lava screenshot
Pink Lava by TenPlus1

Adds pink lava to certain depth of map with new mahogany obsidian block

Chunk Keeper screenshot
Chunk Keeper by ApolloX

Keep sections of nodes loaded/running code and growing

Secret screenshot
Secret by artur99

Adds hidden and secret nodes.

Pole Scaffolding screenshot
Pole Scaffolding by SFENCE

Craftable pole scaffoldings. Support default game and Hades Revisited game.

Prismatic Stone screenshot
Prismatic Stone by doomburger

Adds decorative prismatic stone blocks, coral dyes, and six new crafting recipes.

Hardcorebrix screenshot
Hardcorebrix by drkwv

Adds durable building materials that won't break on a first dig.

Dice screenshot
Dice by Wuzzy

Decorative dice blocks which face a random direction.

Static compass screenshot
Static compass by Sokomine

Compass block that can be placed and shows you where north is.

Colored Strings screenshot
Colored Strings by Alib234

Adds colored strings and allows to create wool from 4 strings and viceversa

Silver screenshot
Silver by Jackknife

adds silver ore and tools

Better Fences screenshot
Better Fences by ChimneySwift

A Minetest mod which improves the usability of fences by making fences which connect to less than 2 other fences connect to all nodes.

Columnia screenshot
Columnia by mt-mods

Adds simple pillars and columns

Astral screenshot
Astral by DragonWrangler

this is a fork of astral

Petards screenshot
Petards by Zemtzov7

Miscellaneous pyro things

Xcam screenshot
Xcam by erlehmann

Adds a command to take in-game photos.

FDM Cube screenshot
FDM Cube by Warr1024

Design models for FDM 3D printing

Engravings screenshot
Engravings by Taren

Adds multiple engraved blocks and benches to make them.